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  1. dannylang

    Cleaning your offset smoker?

    I add a few more sticks to in, then clean racks, and bottom of smoker with a wire brush, and use my water hose to clean out all the gunk, spray everything down with hose, and let the temp stay around 250 for about a hour and everything is clean, if you seasoned your smoker right. It will still...
  2. dannylang

    Salt free rubs

    I have both of those cowboy and regular, but still the first ingredients are salt
  3. dannylang

    Salt free rubs

    Looking for some flavorful salt free rubs, any help will be appricated. dannylang
  4. dannylang

    Brisket to Wrap or Not to Wrap that is the question?

    I only wrap when I want the appearance to be perfect dannylang
  5. dannylang

    Pulled Pork

    Hungry too, looks great from here dannylang
  6. dannylang

    My First Smoke!!!

    Way to go on your first smoke. dannylang
  7. dannylang

    Venison Sausage

    I have smoke them on a stick burner, and electric. You can smoke them on any of them you have got to be able to run smoker at lower temps, when you can master that on your smoker, your ready. But the master build is so much easier, you set it and dump the chips, put a internal probe in and just...
  8. dannylang

    Venison sausage

    That’s the same smoker I use to smoke my sausage, I built me a rack out of material I had laying around to smoke summer sausage or longer lengths. dannylang
  9. dannylang


    Man that a good looking fat tie, have not done one of those in a while. dannylang
  10. dannylang

    Cornish game hens and pork belly

    Great looking meal there, big like dannylang
  11. dannylang

    Winter Is Coming Early This Year

    Man that’s great, looks like a great place to live. dannylang
  12. dannylang

    Double Smoked Ham - Plus

    GMC that ham looks darn good. dannylang
  13. dannylang

    Bacon Jam

    Man anything with bacon got to be good. dannylang
  14. dannylang

    Peanut butter ribs

    You can look on utube or google it, heck even the bbq pit boys has a video on it. dannylang
  15. dannylang

    Peanut butter ribs

    You add 2 tablespoon with your regular bbq sauce recipe, then heat to melt the peanut butter to a liquid state to be able to brush it on the ribs, still it will be really thick. But actually taste pretty darn good. dannylang
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