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  1. alblancher

    Wood for smoking in South Louisiana

    Where are you?  Do you want to do the work yourself or do you want to write a check.  
  2. alblancher

    lang smoker

    Dannylang I have a Lang 36.  I've started using smaller splits and just feeding the smoker a bit more often then they do with the big smokers.  All the woods you mentioned are fairly subtle except for the hickory.  If you are looking for knock your socks of smoke flavor try a bit of mesquite.  ...
  3. alblancher

    First, I need a smoker!

    If you want a set and forget Electric is your best option.   If you want cheap you can buy one of the small Brinkmanns from just about any  discount store for around 50 bucks.  A lot of us learned on these ECBs, they are great places to start. Many people make modifications to their new smokers...
  4. alblancher

    lang smoker

    If you are using those woods and you are properly using the smoker a lack of smoke taste is very unusual. What does the smoke ring look like?  Describe the smoke leaving your chimney.  Before I joined this forum I thought a thick white smoke and the resulting intense, dramatic smoke flavor was...
  5. alblancher

    Brisket done early

    Add a bit of apple juice or beef broth and it will be fine.  If worried about bark may place the meat on a rack and just keep it out of the liquid.  Let the steam warm it up.   I know a lot of famous Delis warm pastrami and other sandwich meats with steam
  6. alblancher

    good substitute for Chuck roast

    May want to try a peeled knuckle.  Huge piece of meat,  follow the fat lines and separate the mussels into manageable sizes.   You can do a bit of research and find out the particular cuts that come from a peeled knuckle but you can cook them like a lean chuckie.  Good stuff.
  7. alblancher

    Brisket done early

    You can wrap in aluminum foil with a bit of moisture and place in an oven.  At 205 IT I guess you intend to pull it?  If so put in a crock pot with a bit of finishing sauce.
  8. alblancher

    Splits NOT burning???

    Sounds to me you are not getting enough air into your firebox or your chimney is closed.  You are getting poor airflow.  Try a smaller charcoal fire when using splits, maybe.
  9. alblancher

    Smoked pork bellies

    Have your butcher order it.  Down here we have to ask and pay the butcher to remove the skin.   Pork belly has a lot of fat (obviously) so anything you can do to enhance the flavor of the fat will help.    I've done pieces of belly low and slow on the RF with good results.  Cube it, maybe a bit...
  10. alblancher

    First Smoke!

    Looking good!
  11. alblancher

    Newbie from swamps of Louisiana.

    Welcome Steve, from Slidell There's quite a few members from God's country and most of them are pretty good cooks! Al
  12. alblancher

    My Ribs Are Never "Great"! Trying Something Different Today...

    Grillmonkey When I was cooking with my offset I decided the best way to do ribs was in the oven!  After a couple of hours on the smoke that is.  2 or 3 hrs on the smoke at 225-250 then wrapped and braised in the oven till fall off the bone tender.  They went back on the smoker or grill to...
  13. alblancher

    First pork butts with Qview

    Pork butt looks great,  just curious how long was the sausage on the smoker?
  14. alblancher

    1st beef brisket, pork butt and a new back porch

    Looks delicious, welcome to the forum
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