WSM - Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker

There are now 2 types of WSMs (Weber Smoky Mountain Cookers):



The WSM is near legendary in the world of backyard BBQ.  Nearly every forum, including ours has a large fan base that grows daily.


Clay Saucer Modification -- I used  the clay saucer mod for my second smoke on my WSM.  It took a bit longer to get up to temp, and seemed to run a bit hotter.  I was able to really close down the bottom vents, and it held temps real well, and was even better I think at fuel consumption.  I had filled the ring (18" model), and smoked from 11:30 pm until 5:30 pm the next day.  Clean up was a breeze with no water in the pan!  Food was excellent (brisket, two pork butts and 2 turkey breasts).  I don't think I'll be using water again! 

Stoker / BBQ Guru Modification