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  1. WSM - Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker

    There are now 2 types of WSMs (Weber Smoky Mountain Cookers):





    The WSM is near legendary in the world of backyard BBQ.  Nearly every forum, including ours has a large fan base that grows daily.


    Clay Saucer Modification -- I used  the clay saucer mod for my second smoke on my WSM.  It took a bit longer to get up to temp, and seemed to run a bit hotter.  I was able to really close down the bottom vents, and it held temps real well, and was even better I think at fuel consumption.  I had filled the ring (18" model), and smoked from 11:30 pm until 5:30 pm the next day.  Clean up was a breeze with no water in the pan!  Food was excellent (brisket, two pork butts and 2 turkey breasts).  I don't think I'll be using water again! 

    Stoker / BBQ Guru Modification

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  1. hankaye
    Howdy All;
    New here, first post an all that... The clay saucer ... is that like the ones used under flower pots ???
  2. dlr1
    smokeifyougotem - this is one of the replacement heat sinks you can use inplace of water. Water as you know will keep you in the 225 range. You just foil the saucer and drop it in the empty water pan. I myself have been useing play sand in mine. Granted it's a little heavier than the plate but I like the density of the sand more.These replacements also don't use as much fuel as the water does because of how much heat and energy it takes to boil water.
  3. smokeifyougotem
    what is the clay saucer Mod i have a weber 22" and am sick of the water pan...not sure what that mod is thou any help would be appreciated i love the 22 WSM just not a fan of the water pan.
  4. dlr1
    I sold my 4yr old modified Chargriller,kept the CG pro for grilling,but you just can't go wrong with the WSM for the cost. These cookers ROCK