I scored these. at my local butcher thother day. It was one rack but to much for my poor little grill so I cut in half.

The meat on these was around an Inch thick with a wonderful fat cap of about 1/8" . In the pan I have a mix of hickory and maple (leftover mix from a ham i did). And the bag contains mesquite.

Here we are all rubbed and ready. I chose to use Jeff's rub cause it is so universal.

And after being wrapped for 6 hours (sorry no pics) onto the Q (still using my kettle after UDS stolen)

I am using lump charcoal which I have in a ring around the outside the the kettle so I get a nice slow burn (I just have to turn my grill accordingly)

On to the sauce. The mix

I mixed these together to taste (which was great) the rib and chicken rub is kinda sweet which offsets the other 2 and the beer well it's beer so what the hell lol.

After 3.5 hrs at between 225 and 325 we are looking good. All sauced up.

And on to the foil for the rest (don't you wish it was scratch and sniff?)

I had to treat these more like a roast do to the size of them and let me tell you WOW some of the best ribs I have done.

Thanks for looking I am on the way to the butcher right now to get me more (Oh and the end cost of these fuel and all was around $1.50 per rib)