Taking lunch to work tomorrow with Qview

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  1.  I put two boston butts in the smoker around 5PM. They have a liberal application of Jeff's Rub, and are cooking away over a mix of pecan and apple wood. Once done I will cooler them and take to work. I will pull them just before lunchtime. I am hoping my coworkers have a nice Friday lunch :)

     Below are photos of 16 pounds of butt before going into the smoker.


  2. rp ribking

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    WLK, are ya stayin up all night to babysit the boston butts?
  3.  If they hit 160-170 by midnight I will add a last bit of wood and try to sleep a bit. My Smoke Hollow is very good at temp regulation. And I will also have alarms set on my Maverick probes.
  4. Here we are, 3.5 hours in. Meat temp is 117F, time for an apple juice spritz, and a cold malted beverage for the pitmaster :)

  5. ak1

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    Lookin' good!

    Hope you have a great lunch.
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    They are looking good those are some lucky co-workers
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    Ya hiring? [​IMG]
  8. What time is lunch    [​IMG]
  9. Well, its 10AM now. The meat is coolered and at work. After three hours in the cooler the temp is 190F. Lunch is in 90 minutes, so I am sure the temp will hold fine until I pull the pork.
  10. Looking awesome!!! Those looked like some choice butts, great picture!!! I've heard so much about Jeff's rub... I think i might have to send him a message today...
  11. Hats off to ya! that is a super nice thing to do... Hope you will beable to keep your eyes open today LOL!!!! [​IMG]
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    You are the new BIG GUY at work now. Your butts look fabulous and you will definalty be the talk around the water cooler for sure. Now if you are in the construction field like me they wouldn't stop talking about that one for a longtime either. Now I bring a smoked lunch to work once a job (we build gas stations) and that's the first thing I hear when I get on the job. When's the lunch being served and what did you make this time. So [​IMG]to the best guy at work now.
  13. After 4 1/2 hours coolered, the meat still steamed at 180F when brought out to pull!! 

    I had originally intended to just feed my crew at work. I am glad I took lots of extra buns and sauces, sodas, etc. Once I pulled both roasts I realized we had a LOT of meat. Good thing, because as the smell wafted up to the folks elsewhere in the building they became quite curious. So I did an "all call" on the intercom, and invited anyone who was hungry to come down to the basement and eat with the engineers. We ended up feeding around 20 people pulled pork, beans, potato salad, chips, oh and did I say pulled pork? It was a smashing success! Several people have said PLEASE do this again for the next full staff luncheon!

     Don't have a lot of Qview since we were very busy serving it up.

     Here are photos of the first butt in my giant stainles bowl awaiting pulling, and a shot of both butts after pulling. I love that huge bowl, wok, or whatever it is!

     All 16 pounds were devoured. I phoned my wife and told her "Honey, I have bad news, no leftovers". Here response was "Thats fine, I know you will smoke something good for dinner this weekend".   I love that woman :)


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  14. Holy Hello , good night nurse!!! Looking wonderful my friend
  15. pineywoods

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    It looks awesome I'm sure everybody enjoyed it [​IMG]
  16. I'll work for free if I can have some of that!! You are a good man for bringing that to your co-workers.

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