8# Ham and a rack of BB

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    After reading some ham posts here on Smoking Meat, and not being the biggest ham lover.  I decided I wanted to try smoking a fully cooked ham.  My mother wanted ribs and was in town visiting so I did 1 rack of babyback ribs.

    Ribs were rubbed (no mustard or any "glue") put in the fridge for 24 hours.  Then I took them out an hour before cooking and then dis 3-2-1  spraying with apple cider vinegar and apple juice combo between stages.

    The Ham I just trimmed as much fat as I could (copying the post I saw here from Bearcarver.  I used his glaze too this time, because we don't usually make ham except for Christmas.  Bearcarver had been there and back before so I mostly followed his step by step.  I will do my own take next time.  

    I didn't log the temps the entire time, but I did right most burner on just about as low as I could get it.  I also couldn't put the trimmings over the ham because I am in a propane grill and there isn't an easy way to suspend the trimmings above the ham.Started out with the bi-metal thermometer saying about 220 when it got up to temp.  My wife arrived about halfway through the smoke with my new probe thermometer that will give me the current temp instead of just my target temp.  Highest I got was about 243 F.  Hovered around 227 most of the time.  I went 6 hours start to finish.  Put everything on at 11:30 glazed the ham at 4:30 turned the heat off and let the ribs and ham finish with just the smoke and the ambient heat with the grill closed for the last hour.


    I only added the foil under the ham when I glazed it an hour from finish.  I didn't want to chisel burnt sugar off the drip pan of my grill.

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  2. Great color you have on that pork.
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    AMZNTS gets all the credit.  I have to say for a $199 grill the Char -Broil is doing it's job pretty well too.  Even the bi-metal thermometer has been pretty accurate so far.  I have read enough here to know not to trust it, but it jived with my prob during this cook really well.  I was surprised.


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