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Bhut Jolokia pepper

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Does anybody on here have a good source online for ordering live Bhut Jolokia pepper plants, i will need to plant around may 10-20. I am also looking for some Habanero red savina peppers also to plant.

Thanks for the help.
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Try this... http://myworld.ebay.com/asiasgarden/
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Good luck with the Bhuts, tried growing them from seed last year and none ended up germinating and couldn't find my seeds this year, probably in the bottom of a box.

Found 2 other links that you can order plants from, the first one they say they only have 25 plants left @ $17.99 each
Second link they say they are only $3.50 each but you have to buy a minimum of 12 plants.

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I tried some and they didnt germinate, I think the seeds were crunched by USPS. Anywho here's a link.

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can't say i can think of a use for these........and i cook a lot of mexican and indian food!
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Good luck on the bokliva seeds...but I used tomatogrowers seeds last year for my red carribean habs....4x hotter then regular habs...they turned out good (till I had a freezePDT_Armataz_01_05.gif)
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Only one good use for Ghost Peppers. Give one to the pepper head that says. There's no pepper i can't eat.
Make sure and have a vidio cam handy when they try it.
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I have some growning right now. If i can get them to produce ill send some seeds to people next year.
this is the best place for all your pepper needs
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Try this place also http://www.pepperjoe.com
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The chilepepper institute in NM is a great place to get seeds. I know the have the ghost chile seeds, I almost bought some, but after talking with one of the people there, they told me just how hard it is to get them to produce. Germination can take several weeks, and then the growing conditions have to be ideal. She told me that even in their controlled environment, it was very hard to get them to fruit and when they did, to hold their fruit till maturity. Living here in Mn, I do not have the ideal weather conditions to do so, maybe in the future I will try them indoors. I hope if you do get some, they work for you. I had some peppers last week that I picked up. Oh yeah, they are frickin HOT HOT HOT. Just ask my kids when they thought they could handle them. My boy downed almost a half gallon of milk LOL.
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I recieved a few Bhut seeds from Dyce on this forum.... Very happy of the 5 seeds I planted I have 3 that germinated and are setting their second set of leaves..... Hope I can keep them going..Been reading as much as I can on raising bhuts as I can...
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I put them in chili, jerky, and even have put them in my ground venison burger's. I am a big chili head.

LOL PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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pepper seeds

I got some birdseye pepper seeds from 'Plant Universe' on ebay; he also threw in a packet of jalapeno seeds. I just looked and he has bhut jolokia seeds for sale...they seem a little steep at $7 for 25+ seeds but then again maybe it's not.
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don't get me wrong, i like hot food too but at some point i like to taste my food!icon_mrgreen.gifPDT_Armataz_01_23.gif:icon_mrgree n:
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Got my seeds and a sample Ghost chili from a SMF member today. He even sent me a dried Ghost pod also, and WOW! HOT, VERY HOT. Thanks again.

Does anyone have a good plan to get these bad boys from the seed to a mature plant in the ground?

Any help would be great.
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I still have about 5 pounds of the Ghost Peppers in the freezer and about 1.5 - 2 pounds dried... I make hot sauce, salsa useing them as well as Competition Winning Chili with them...all sorts of uses!!!!
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I finally got a seed to germinate. My brother got me 10 seeds for Christmas (big spender). I put 6 in the peat pots and nothing happened after 2 months. So I put the other 4 in a plastic bag on a damp paper towel sitting on the warm computer. the mold got 2 of them, one germinated, and the other hasn't done anything. The germinated one I carefully cut the paper towel with the roots on it, and planted in a peat pot. I now have it in a glass jar that I take outside during the day, and pull inside at night when it gets cold.
I am hoping that it wont die as I try to harden it up to the outside climate.

I like things hot, but the one time I ate a whole habenero, I got blisters in my mouth. So if I do get mature fruits, I don't know what I'll do. Most I'll probably dry and use for seasoning, but I think I might try one just to see. I don't know, still afraid of it.
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I saw some just today at Wal Mart. You may try your local store--
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What State are you in where Walmart carries live bhut plants?
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New Mexico, in the garden center. Just saw them today while I was getting some tomato plants. They even had a hand written sign saying that they were the worlds hottest pepper. I was going to get one then changed my mind, because I could not think of any reason to have such a deadly pepper within reach of my grandkids.
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