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Flank Steak Ideas?

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Got a bunch of Flanks @ $2.99 # the other day. Love them marinaded on the grill, but have never smoked one. Anyone have any good marinades, or ideas for a Flank besides jerky? Thanks in advance.
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I love it marinated with Mojo! Marinade for a few hours or overnight. Smoke it to about 135*, smoke some onions with it and slice it all up for fajitas - they're great. That's a great deal! Enjoy and post some Q-view!
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oh man, yes. There was a post quite a while back, prior to the crash. I think erain did it. had some flank steak and had layers of sun dried tomatoes, some spinach and chese and some other things if I remember right. Rolled it up and smoke it. It looked out of this world. Ask him about it, I think it was him.
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Found the post

Nope, it was not erain. But I did find it for you. These look really good.
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Never smoked one. But it sure is hard to beat grilled London Broil.

Oh my..........
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Beef Braciole!

Not my pic.
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You could try a Braciole. It is a little bit of work but came out great.

I originally posted this here on SMF but it was lost in the crash.
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Where do you guys find these prices???? $2.99/lb....I'm paying $6.99/lb and just bought one today to make cheese steaks.

Fired up the Braciole looks fantastic.
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I see everyone has their own way mine is marinade with italian dressing and then smoke at 230-240 to about 140-145 or so and thin slices for fajitas with the works.
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FU, thanks for the reminder, my mom always made farsumagru when I was a kid. Thought I'd smoke one as a fattie, since I never liked all the thin liquidy sauce that went with it. Now grown, I realize what a great meal it is.
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