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Fatty Ideas

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I am stumped right now as to what I will put into the fatty for tomorrow. I know that anything can go into a fatty, but I am drawing a blank right now.

Let's hear some ideas!

Inspire me!
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Wish I could help but all I can think about right now is Rsands Mud Bug Fatty

Just can't seem to get this one outta my head, got the wife trying to run down some mud bugs as we
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Pizza Fatty is always good.
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I know that is all I can think about too. But I know nobody that carries them around here. Pizza would be a good one.

I'll have to keep thinking on it.
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My favorite is the lasagna fattie. Stuff italian sausage with mozzerellea & ricotta cheese, pre cooked lasagna noodles, and a little bit of store bought pasta sauce. Awesome.
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Check out these entries from the original fattie throwdown.

At least this thread wasn't lost-tons of great fatties in there.
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Now that sounds good!
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Crushed garlic, Italian dressing, Spinach, crumbled Feta

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All good ideas, but personally I would put sausage in it wrapped in sausage and just eat it with crackers and cheese wink.gif
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ok heres mine the strange fatty but shure was tasty peno stuffed olives in a onion wrapped spicy jd sausage fatty. sweet onions like a vadalia.

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