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Sweet Jerry, Great job buddy.
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Piney that looks great. Way to go with the new toy... err I mean tool.
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Here are the final pics. Sorry this is all I got there where people grabbing stuff to fast for me to get Qview like the venison backstraps sliced and the twice baked taters.
The two briskets pulled

The six butts pulled

Overall it was a great day with the new to me smoker and I'm looking forward to the next smoke on it. Today its 4 whole chickens on the GOSM along with Dutch's beans
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Awesome spread!! Nice job!!
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CONGRATS!!!!You are in the big time!Off the hook great job.When you are ready for competition call me if yer lookin for a driver/gopher/hanger on!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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VERY nice Q-view nothing like seeing a loaded up lang
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Nice job Piney!! The butts look awesome
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Wow... smokin' machine ain't it? Impressive. POINTS for largesse!
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You said it, You did it!! Way to go Bro, everything looks great!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif See you in a couple hours, bringin a big bag of jalaps and all the stuffin' goop.
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My two chickens for this afternoon are seeming kind of puny
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