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Had a great burger this evening. Smoked on my Char Broil gas grill and some good slaw and some Starnes BBQ sauce.

Now that's some good eating :D
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Re: Burger

Just gained a pound and a half looking at your repast! Had a cold sandwich for my dinner. Too hot to cook and I was out in it all day! Thanks for sharing your meal with us!

PS You gonna eat all that?
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Re: Burger

Actually ate 2 Monty :oops: . Sorry to be such a pig :P
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Re: Burger

Don't feel you have to apologize to me. Brother Rodger! When ordinary food is brought to such a high degree of perfection it MUST be consumed! Otherwise why bother?

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I agree with Monty. That looks like a fine burger. Wish I had a couple right now.
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I'm with you Bill, just looked at the picture again and remembered I haven't eaten lunch yet.
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Well I just ate and after seeing that burger, I'm hungry all over again!!
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Re: Burger

man that looks good, i could smell it through my screen :shock:
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Re: Burger

Mmmmmmmmm.................looks tasty! 8)
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Re: Burger

I wouldn't call eating two burgers being a pig.... you had to eat one and then another for US! wink.gif That looks great! 8)
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Re: Burger

The first burger just takes the edge off your hunger.

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Re: Burger

And the second one, properly adjusted, is for sheer enjoyment!
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Re: Burger

One thing I can count on, is i'm usually "properly adjusted" Sir Monty 8)
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Re: Burger

I should have held my comment because I have no doubt that your food is always properly adjusted. Or were you inferring to something else? :D


PS Found a shipping goods supplier!
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I'm sorry.

I really need to ask, since so many of you are getting hungry looking at CS's picture

I'll preface this comment with a "I mean no disrespect to anyone or any culture"

So here goes.

Cole slaw on a hamburger?

Or better yet: cole slaw on anything? (especially pulled pork)

I am a Yankee. Don't know what that connotation means to all, but to me it means cole slaw is that little tub of pickled cabbage that gets tossed with the spork from your meal deal.

So I don't get it.

Cole slaw as a condoment? Isnt it a watered down cabbage mix?

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich at a restaurant here, and it came with cole slaw on it. I asked the waitress: WTF? She said, that is Tennessee style pulled pork, and we are a Tennessee BBQ restaurant.

I told her, no, this is a Chicago barbecue restaurant, and get me a plain old pulled pork sandwich.

Then I got the feeling someone farked with the sandwich when they brought it back, so I didnt bother. Ate the rest of my daughter's burger.

Place went out of business after a year.

I guess this is just an observation of: I don't get it
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Re: Burger


yankees ain't supposed to get it :P
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Now that, was funny Cajun
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Re: Burger

Your both funny :lol: thanks for the laugh :lol:
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