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PID need help

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AGPtek® K-Type SNR PID Temperature Controller. I ordered this from amazon along with SSR. Is anyone else using this style? If you are could you please help me setup mine. As in wiring. Thanks
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What are you trying to do with it? 120-240  This is a good thread to look at.


Read that and if you have questions then please ask.



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Thanks Stan. I'm just going to use it on 120 for my 1500 w element.
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Did you get the questions you were looking for answered.  There are many pid threads and if you put pid in the search bar.  I love my Pid and the peace of mind it gives me. Please show us your build and ask anything you want.



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I think we got it!!! Thanks Stan I will post more pics
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Ok. Stan I have it on I think. Wired as I think is rite. Red light on SSR is lit up. But have no power going Luton the heater side.
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Out on
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i have the exact same thing im using to run a fan for my smoker to control the temperature. hollar is you need some help.



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Hello 2010,can you show how it is wired. The white wires on 1 and 2 are your power coming from wall? Where is wires going off PID to fan?
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justhunt the pid just controls the ssr  the ssr is a switch that turns on or off the fan or a heating element.  One side of the power the + side goes to the ssr and one side of the supply the + goes to the ssr  the - side of both the fan and the power are put together.  like a light switch the fan is the light and the ssr is the switch.  one side of the ssr is the control side to the pid and the other side is for power.


Can you put up a drawing or pic of what you have?



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yes 1 and 2 are coming from the wall, terminals 3 and 4 run the ssr, im running one leg off the hot wire on 1 and the other running off the ssr.



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Got it!!!!!! THANK YOU now to finish the build. Rock wool will be installed if it don't rain tomorrow. :)))
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awesome let me know how it works just pm me. 

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