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New Yoder YS640 is here!

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My new Yoder is finally here. Had intended to buy this last summer but things came up and had to wait.

Was going to order it at the end of January but then the snow came, and kept coming. 

Last monday I decided it was time, snow or not and ordered it from ATBBQ. 


I order the 640 with the standard cart, temp probe port and grill grates along with a half pallet of pellets.

Have to wait until Saturday for me nephews to come over and get it moved to the back deck. 

That should be interesting since there is still too much snow so we are going in the front door and out the back!

More to follow. Joe




28 bags of BBQ Delight Apple, didn't tell the nephews they have to move these to the basement!


It's supposed to rain tomorrow but she doubled wrapped!

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Congrats on the new smoker. Good luck with the move. I bought my new smoker on Pearl Harbor day and it's still in my driveway. I do enjoy smoking in the front yard, I have few neighbors.I'll move it out back soon. Again good luck and enjoy
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Congrats on that new pit Joe!  The YS640 is a very nice rig.  Be sure to post up some qview for us when you get it squared'll give you the chance to show if off a little!



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Congrats OnTheNew Yoder ! Have Mine FoR A Year Now And Really Enjoy It ...Happy Smokin
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Nice cooker I love mine.  It has cone a great job on whatever I have cooked.

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Finally got the Yoder up on the deck and went thru the burn in, oiling and seasoning... First hour burn in the temps were all over the place, after that the temps evened out and the controller and Maverick only had a difference of between 5* - 15*. I was surprised that after 2.5 hours of smoking bacon all of the pieces smoked fairly evenly, no real hot spots. We did notice that the bacon on the bottom grates were really good and crispy but the ones that came off of the top were not. I also did Oakridge Game Change brined chicken thighs that came out fantastic..... sorry, no pics but I was exhausted and had come off a week of being on call and was paged 4 out of 7 nights after midnight and usually up until 4am, damn servers! Joe.:drool






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Congrats on the new toy !! Pellet cookers are a blast to use, picked up a GMG last September and love it !! Enjoy that new smoker and keep the Q view comin.... I'm sure you'll be smokin up a storm and breakin er in real good !! biggrin.gif
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Very nice!  Looking forward to seeing lots of your cooks on that beast!



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