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Twice Smoked Honey BBQ Beef - Christmas Eve Dinner

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Hi all, hope you all had a great Christmas. I have'nt posted a recipe in quite some time. I was fooling around with a modified version of my previuos BBQ beef recipe and the results were really good. The big difference this time was I smoked the roasts to a Medium rare usinf Mesquite and Hickory pellets then let the roasts cool over night. I then sliced the roasts and cool smoked the sliced beef at under 100 degrees fpr 45 minutes turning the beef every 15 minutes. Then it went into a Crockpot with Sweet Baby Rays, Cherry Dr. pepper, sauteed garlic and sweet onion, pepper, brown sugar and honey. Slow cooked for 8 hours. It was tender, juicy and had great smoke flavor.


I usually post pics and video but I'm using IE 9 Beta and for some reason I can't upload pics from URL's. And I get a page cannot be displayed when attempting spell check. Nothing like a challange.


Roast Preparation

3 Large Beef Roasts
1 Garlic
Coarse Ground Black Pepper
Brown Sugar
1/4 Stick Butter


BBQ Sauce - (All in Crockpot)

20 oz. Cherry Dr. Pepper
60 oz. Sweet Baby Ray's
1/3 Cup Brown Sugar
Sautéed Together
2 Cloves Garlic Chopped, Sautéed & Browned
2 Slices Sweet Onion Chopped & Sautéed



This is the Phase one prep and smoke. Done December 23rd.


This is Phase 2 - Smoking sliced beef and into the Crockpot December 24th




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Looks great.  Would have loved the Q-view.  Thanks for the recipe and videos!!

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That sounds great!! could be my New Year's dinner - thanks for sharing it!

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