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Discussion in 'Tomatoes' started by graywolf1936, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Planted our garden not much to see yet will update in 30 days. We planted Sureno Pepper, Black Tomato, Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato, Manitoba Tomato, Costoluto Fiorentino (put this  in large pot on deck, Montesinoo Tomato, Two San Marzano Tomato and some Basil. We get our plants from Territorial Seed Co.
  2. I got mine in yesterday as well. Lookin good!
  3. danbono

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    Hi Also got my tomatoes in yesterday.

      4-Red Brandywine

                1-Pink Brandywine




                       1-Sweet Cherry 100's

             1-San Marzano

     All I got left to put in are 4 pepper  plants. Can't wait to taste them.


  4. O.K. Dan we shall see who eats a BTL first. I been feeding my plants 8-12-12 every two weeks.

  5. its

    coming along nice
  6. danbono

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    Hi All Growing nicely, plants look REALLY good, so far..Got some opening buds on the Sam Marzano's.

    Back dressed with some mulch (decayed leaves) from the town. Just have put down the cedar mulch and watch them grow.


  7. Looking good. feeding mine 8-10-10 every three weeks. My Pomegranates are doing great, going to get a lot of  Figs but grapes can't seem to grow right. My wife gives away Zucchini every three or four days.
  8. danbono

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    Hi All  tomatoes looking good after 1 month..Think I got a rabbit eating my pepper plant leaves,cut up a Pepsi 2 liter, to put around the plants. Feeding the garden with 10-10-10, when I run out of this, I'm going to use an  organic fertilizer.


  9. Late to the party but for the Bunnies, you can make a concentrate in a mason jar of 1 Cup Vegetable Oil w/ 2 TBS of dish soap, shake it up good. Get a cheap spray bottle and use 1TBS of the concentrate for every 1 Cup of water.


    Wait for Grocery store to bundle Habanero/Jalapeno going bad, give them a course chop and boil in 3-4 cups water for 5 minutes. Remember to keep eyes away from the steam!!
  10. danbono

    danbono Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Hi All This year I'm going to use a product I got from from Home Depot called Liquid Fence to keep the rabbits out. Hope it works,last year they had a feast on my pepper plants.

    Haven't planted anything yet, weather in NJ is kind of cool for this time of the year, can't wait to get started.


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