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  1. Love cooking, but haven't spent a ton of time researching smoking or smokers. I should start off saying sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Looking to hear some members opinion on why they cook on what they cook on.

    I have a Weber electric bullet style smoker. It does the job, but I'm sure a good cooker would make a difference. I mentioned to a friend of mine that has one of the leading barbecue forums and he recommended a pellet cooker. Never gave it any thought on why. So I started looking and, I like the Camp Chef, two temp probes, decent construction and it's cooking temp seems to be what I need. Pretty automated piece of equipment.

    So my question after rambling on is.......... Is the pellet smoker the way to go? With electric you don't have pellet cost, but u do need wood for smoking. Then u have charcoal cookers etc.

    Thank u in advance for any input. :grilling_smilie:
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    Hello , hate to say this , but that question has many answers, all good though . people have their many preferances . I started off with walmart bullet type vertical cookers, then offset smokers ,but my cookshack  FEC allows me to have time for rest, prep , etc.  same with my ole hickory , just set the temp and it does it while you do other stuff . also pellets are 100% wood , burns clean and you get smoke flavor. I tried 2 brands when I got mine and the first did not have any flavor , but a friend told me of a different brand . Awesome is all I can say, so I bought a pallet of it , all I will use.  Good Luck picking out your smoker !   [​IMG]
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    Man you can get many different opinions on this subject but that being said here is mine. A good quality pellet smoker is a excellent all around cooker. Especially for home use and general cooking in kind. The only one that I can give a honest review on is the Yoder 640. Let me say that this unit is top of the line in every way. I can reach a little over 700 degrees for grilling direct or I can lock it in at 225 degrees for indirect cooking and it will never blink. Also it's the heaviest built pellet smokers that I have personally encountered. It is a top tier smoker without question or doubt. My other recommendation would be one of the ceramic cookers. I have a large BGE and absolutely love it. It does everything well. In my opinion for home use one would be hard pressed to do any better than the Yoder 640 or one of the ceramic kamados. They both are par excellent cooking machines. The only down side of these two smokers that I can find is the price. But quality doesn't come cheap. They are expensive because they are top of the line machines. Also with just a little care they both will easily last a life time. I highly recommend both Yoder and BGE products to anyone wanting to produce competition quality food. They both excel in this arena.

  4. I did look at the Yoder 640 after your post. The Camp Chef seems to be similar to the Yodor, but the Yoder appears to be built a little more beefer. I real real like the built in temp probs. However the Yoder has at least one probe and you can buy a wireless probe. I'm not to certain on how the control boxes compare. The Camp Chef appears to be a pretty much set and forget it.

    Thank u a bunch fir the input. :grilling_smilie:
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    More than glad to offer what I could. Good luck with your choice.

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