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  1. I'm about to pull the trigger on my first stick burner, the Yoder Cheyenne, but I have a couple questions first from anyone that has experience with this unit.

    1. Is there room to cook two 10-15lb briskets at the same time?

    2. What size(length) do you recommend for the wood splits? I'm currently cutting a bunch of Sugar Maple and I figure I might as well get some drying.
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    Nice smoker! I bet it fits a couple.
    I need one of those lol
    Good luck..
    Fire box cooking grate is 15" so that sounds like a good stick size..
    Hope someone else comes by to say for sure.. 33.5 x 15 inch cc grate area sounds decent.. you just have to angle the briskets a bit .. if you cut smaller splits than 15" you may use those to regulate temps easier than big splits. So maybe 6" or 8" splits you could use also..
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    How about an Oklahoma Joe Longhorn reverse flow? It's bigger and you save $300 plus some shipping . and you can do mods to seal it up etc..
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  4. I do like the Oklahoma Joe but I don't want to buy something that needs to be modded to bring it up to a higher standard. Plus with the Yoder being a much heavier gauge steel it's lifespan is going to be much longer and better heat retention. Not that I don't like saving some money but I don't mind spending some extra for a higher quality.
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