Yoder 20 inch Durango and 5x8 Trailer for Sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by hopmeister, Jan 18, 2014.

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    Recently I bought this Yoder 20 inch durango and absolutely love it. I've done 4 cooks on it and it works amazing for me.... However after getting a deal on a Custom Yoder ChisholmII  that I could not pass up on and not having space to store both we have decided to sell the Durango.....

    The Trailer is new we paid 600.00 for it and the Durango that is a "Loaded" Version with the second shelf.Counter-Weight.Heat Management Plate and Log Lighter which we paid 2500.00 for.

    We are offering it for 2500.00 for the pair

    This price is firm as you can see we are taking a loss on it.

    The Durango is built like a tank and it's the best stick burner I have ever cooked on in my 35 years of cooking.

    The Buyer assumes the shipping and delivery.
  2. hopmeister

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