Xmas whole hog

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Jun 6, 2012
Jacksonville, FL
Planning on doing my first whole hog in my GMG Jim Bowie. I never use this smoker any more as I gave it to my dad. I fired it up yesterday to test where the firebox plate should be placed to create the most even temps. Got the right place but when smoker is set to 200 the temps are 300 on both sides. The controller wont go above 195 when set to 200. If I back it down to 190 to shut fan off the temp on the controller shoots up to 260 (Fan does not do this. Fan continues to run as if set to low temp) So this is the problem I am having with the smoker. Any thoughts on how to straighten it out. Have 15+ family members coming in on the 24th.

I didn't want to move the pig in and out by the legs so I welded up a quick rack for transport. I butterflied the spine and removed the spinal cord. In order for it to fit I had to cut the back legs down to the base of the hams. Cut under the ribs for ease of removal but left them attached to the spine. Removed the first 3 ribs and spine section to give better access to the shoulders.


test fit

Read somewhere that GMG was having firmware issues a while back. Lots of people having 500° temps when set below 300°. You should reach out to GMG and see if they can help you out.

If in fact you are running at 300° you can still cook your whole hog. It will just speed up the cooking progress. I wouldn't want to run the pit much more than 325° though.
Try cleaning the temp sensor with alcohol. If that doesn't work, you may have a bad controller.

Is it a wifi unit, if so what firm wear are you running. Although i doubt the firm wear is your problem.

Mine was acting wonky, and GMG sent me a new controller which fixed my issues.
We can definitely rule out a firmware issue. My DB was a non wifi, and as I mentioned earlier, I was having issues. GMG sent me a new wifi controller under warrantee.

Hopefully cleaning the sensor works. Good luck.
Really getting tired of these GMG cookers and temps inside. Time to buy traeger 34 to go with my 24. After 4 hours of gmg set to 240 1 shoulder at 147 other at 171. Hams both 113.
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