Xmas turkey (me not the actual turkey)

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Dec 27, 2016
Ok guys and gals, I need to know what I did wrong here.  My wife put an 11 lbs turkey in the fridge and there it sat for a week.  I then brined the turkey for about 2 hours right before throwing it on the smoker.  I go the smoker up to temp (275-300) and threw on the turkey.  I was figuring about 5-6 if that for this guy and we'd be eating.  Well, I hit a stall around 145ish.  Finally the temps started climbing again but no joke would not get up past 159-164 (in the breast meat)...as a matter of fact the temps started to drop.  I was using a brand new $100 Thermosmoke thermometer which had worked well with a brisket I had done last week.  I tested it with boiling water and ice water...it was spot on.  After about 7 hours of being on the smoker I finally pulled it off (there's no way it wasn't done yet...right?)  I cut down each side of the breast and there it was...there were "done" parts, but there was also "pink" patches still (especially near the bone).  I hit the pink spots with the thermometer and some were 140s...The only thing I could think of was that the turkey was still partially frozen...but I really don't know (turkey sat in fridge for a week then got a brine for 2 hours).  Other info, I live in Southern Arizona and on that day it wasn't particularly humid if at all, and was about 50 degrees, total cook time ended up being like 9 hours (still wasn't done-there's no way).  Anything stick out to anyone feel free to comment...I'd post pics of the turkey, but we've all seen Christmas vacation when Clark Griswald cuts into the Xmas turkey at dinner lol...I am at a loss, thanks guys!
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I would have to guess it still had some ice in it then.I have the WSM and I use a BBQ Guru 

I had that happen on a Turkey I did in the oven once

Probably was still frozen in spots.   I smoked a bird for Christmas, that really came out well. Usually brine for at least 16 hours.

Smoke at 235, pull when I.T. hits 165.
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