WSM or Brinkmann Trailmaster?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by rjbbqcookin, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. OK so for the past year I have been running an MES.  My results have been pretty good, but i feel like I cheating the process by running an electric smoker and I am looking to buy a charcoal/wood smoker.  For my price range i am looking either at WSM 18.5 or the brinkmann trailmaster.  From what i read they both have great reviews overall but also have some issues.  However i have not seen a discussion on the comparison of the two.  Does anyone have both?  How do they compare? 
  2. I personally have a WSM and love it thus far... Weber makes great products and the customer service phenomenal.  Is using an electric smoker cheating? I guess that's debateable.  I felt like it was cheating so I went with the WSM. I can tell you that the charcoal version is a bit more work but is more fun.   Let us know what you end up choosing!!! 
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    I have had both. I returned the Brinkmann? There were just to many flaws in it. The legs were wobbly. The lid was bent. I cooked on it several times & holding temps was grueling. Recovery time was forever & side to side temps were off on mine almost 50 degrees? I'm sure with some mods. it would work much better but overall I was just not happy. I exchanged it for the WSM & what a difference. Little bit of a learning curve, but once dialed in I can run for 4-6 hours almost uninterrupted. Recovery is very fast too! I'm not fond of having one grate below the other, but it is worth it in my opinion.
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    My WSM 18 is Da Bomb!!!

    I Never felt like I Cheating with My MES 30 either.

    Take a look at Some of My cooks.
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    WSM all the way!
  6. I have a 22 1/2... I couldn't recommend it more!   [​IMG]
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    It's pretty much covered by now but WSM hands down. I looked at both. Build quality of the trailmaster is worse than poor. Compared to the WSM it isn't even a contest. I got the 22.5 and my Q is better than ever. Easy to control. Just enough room. It's a little bit of a fuel hog but I can deal with that.
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    I say start off with the wsm. More so for its ease of use. But I will say this. The flavor profile from a stick burner trumps that of charcoal and smoldering chunks. I own a drum smoker, an akorn, and some kettles as well as a trailmaster. The tm was my latest and so far my best q has been with it. Granted its not the easiest to work with but when you have it tuned and learn how to manage your fire it becomes more of an enjoyment to use.
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    My guess is that after almost 4 years he's made his choice. 
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    Haha, good point

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