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  1. So today is my first WSM cook.  Im doing two pork shoulders. Started off good but it seems like the smoker really is eating the charcoal.  I am 6 hours in and its almost depleted.  I am having trouble keeping it above 215 as well.  Granted it is raining but i would think with the vents open all the way it would go up.  Any tips would sure be appreciated thank you in advance.  Kris

    Its a 18.5
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    Hey there,

    I have been smoking with my WSM for years. The key is to light it using the minion method.

    Fill the charcoal ring with unlit K blue and dump 1/2 lit chimney ontop. throw 3-4 fist sized wood chunks in there as well.  You can cook upwards of 13+ hours on one load by using this method. Keep both shoulders on the top rack if they fit. You will have to tinker withthe vents a bit. My WSM has never failed me.

  3. I think it is because mine is fighting the weather.  Its raining right now and i have all three vents wide open to keep it at like 215.  So i think its consuming fuel as fast as the rain and wind is cooling it off.  I seasoned it the other night with barely any charcoal in there and i know it lasted a while thats y i was confused about my issue
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    Rain and wind play a huge part as you found out. I keep my WSM under a large umbrella when I BBQ.
  5. LOL i learned my lesson.  My EZ up is at a friends at the moment i would have used that.  I got my smaller pork shoulder resting right now.  The larger one is at the plateau period 
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