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WSM 22" Hot & Fast Rotisserie Configuration


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I've been thinking about trying this for a while and yesterday I tested the waters so to speak. After seeing all the cool Santa Maria set ups everyone is using gave me the idea. I don't have room for another cooker at this time so I wanted to find ways to diversify some of the ways I cook with what I already have. Using only the bottom of the WSM and the Cajun Bandit Rotisserie equipment I decided to give it a roll. Kingsford & Pecan wood chunks for heat and a small (select) rib roast I bought on Labor day sale for $5.99. I took a peak as some of Bearcarver Bearcarver Prime recipes and decided the night before to cover this little 2# roast with Worchestershire sauce & stuff it in a ziplock about 24 hours prior to cooking. Stabbed it onto the rotisserie rod and gave it a quick dusting of Meat Church Holy Cow while the charcoal & wood were getting up to temp. Found a shaded spot out behind the barn (it's freaking hot in North Texas) & Here we go.......


As with most things I bail off into there are learning curves. This fire was HOT! I was thinking I'd run this ribeye roast about an hour but after getting things going and seeing how hot it was I set my timer on 30 minutes and I'm glad I did. IT was in the 140 range after 30 minutes so I pulled it. Was wanting to rest for 20 minutes then slice but that turned into well over an hour (always some distractions - real life). Amazingly this turned out really good even though I shot over my goal of 130 IT. meat was tender.



There was 3 of us and this sliced into 3 nice slices of meat. That's my plate (I was sampling the meat prior to making a plate :)
My critics are always honest and they agreed if we had sliced and served 20 minutes after pulling from the fire it would have been spot on.

I've got to find me a table to set this on. Will make it much better when I don't have to bend over to work with this set up.

Any tips, tricks, or ideas to try and improve are always welcome & thanks for looking.


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Great set up. Do you think that using the middle section of your WSM would give you a bit more height and possibly a longer cook time by keeping meat a bit further from the fire? I really would like a rotisserie at some point soon. Keep up the good work.


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That looks Beautiful!!!
Nice Set-up, but I agree---Too low for us "Bad-Backs"!
Am I reading that right---A Half Hour total cooking time--To 140° IT ??


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The roast looks MARVELOUS!!! Very nice set-up! I agree with BigW., maybe the middle section added or by the looks of the pic, maybe less charcoal to calm the heat a little... Looks GREAT though for sure!


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Looks really good and boy did that cook quickly. I think I would try putting the lit coals on the outside of your charcoal ring instead of directly under it.

Point for sure


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Thanks for the likes and the suggestions. 30 minute cook time to 140 IT is correct Bear. Fire was HOT. a little distance from the fire with the middle section installed, less charcoal & more wood chunks maybe, not direct over the coals - They're all a good option. Got some great suggestions and pondering a couple of other ideas.


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Big LIKE!!! and I like the way you think! I've been using my mini WSM with a free-standing rotisserie kit many times like that. Whole chickens, Tri-tips, and beef roasts, yum!! It works great but I have similar issues. Some of my observations ...

Why didn't you put the lid on that way you can throttle the temps as appropriate and burn less fuel? I would if I could with my setup. But since mine is freestanding (I don't have the Cajun Bandit (yet)) controlling temps is a critical factor! If you want to keep the lid off you can still throttle with the bottom air vents. I will set up my Guru with the temp probe draped over the lid to control my air flow and temps. I also start with much less coals. I do prefer the direct heat like that vs indirect though, but my height of the middle section is a bit higher than the Cajun Bandit. I even take the diffuser out when I am using the rotisserie. It's been no issue for me. As for the height and "bend-over" factor, I put mine on my 2-burner camp stove with the leftover wire shelf of the cart my Masterbuilt is on. I'm sure you can come up with something similar.


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