Wrapping Brisket

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Jan 11, 2017
Middletown, PA
Hey all! In the middle of smoking 12lb brisket. Been up since 12am!! You guys recommend wrapping?? If so, can I use parchment paper instead of butchers paper, I don't have any...
Also, will paper speed it up or just help contain juice?

Personally I don't wrap my briskets, unless I'm running out of time & need it to get done quicker.

If you do wrap it I would think parchment paper would work, but have never seen it used before.

Before the butcher paper fad, we always used foil for the wrap.

Never had a problem using foil, but it does soften the bark.

Both paper & foil will hold the moisture in, but the paper lets it breath a little & doesn't soften the bark as much.

Hope this helps!

Gary mentioned that using 2 layers of parchment paper was like using butcher paper but haven't tried it yet.  I use foil which has helped me get it more tender but it does catch a lot of moisture.
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I'm with Al. I usually only wrap if I'm in a time crunch. Unless I'm experimenting my normal way of cooking is I usually stick a probe as soon as it goes in(kinda looked down on by some but I look at it as being no different than injecting) and normally don't open the lid again until it's time to start probing for tenderness. I just keep the thin smoke flowing and enjoy the ride.
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