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    I've read that a preferred wrap for a brisket is unwaxed butcher paper.  I believe the butcher paper will let the brisket breath in the smoker where the aluminum foil will not.  What do some of you use to wrap the brisket?  Thanks.
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    Here is a great (but long) thread that covers everything about brisket:


    When you have a few minutes you should read through it. It should answer any questions you have.

    Personally I have been using foil with good results. I have purchased butcher paper but have yet to try it so I can't comment on the difference. 
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    Butcher paper is optimal, but I use foil b/c that's what I have plenty of. To get a good crust, I smoke briskets to 160-170 IT (depending on size of brisket), wrap in foil for 2-3 hours (until about 190), then unwrap and cook/smoke for another hour or two to crisp up the crust again (until probe tender).

    To rest, I tent it with foil and place it some where insulated, but breathable (oven turned off; cooler with lid cracked). The trick to crispy crust is to keep the brisket from steaming itself.
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