Would this be a good starter Dutch Oven set?

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I am a little wary of the low price. I am a lodge fan.

Can you look at them before you buy?

None of my lodge stuff was bought new. Yard sales and Goodwill type buys.

I have several lodge ovens and skillets.

I have one cheaper version made in china 14 inch skillet that has refused to season properly. (new,was a gift)

And it warped some. Probably not all cast iron.

Good luck!

 Have a great day!!

So is this one good I just need something to cook cobblers while camping and some stew and chili.

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The link isn't working for me.

There are tons of sites on the net for DO cooking.

The scouting (macscouter..for one) and the IDOS and byrons are fabulous.

I am going to the Troop site and getting some pictures of some of the great cooks we had.
That's a great size.

When ya make cobblers or sweet stuff line it with tin foil.

Makes cleaning very easy.
Ohhh ... you don't need to get one of those fancy schmansy lid lifters either.

Use a claw hammer. It comes in handy camping anyway.
Lodge is the only new production cast iron i will buy.  That is a good size at a good price.
I bought one of those Academy specials to use for tailgating.  We leave our stuff out when we go to the stadium, so I wanted something cheap that I wouldn't care if it got ripped off.  It's not finished as nicely as the Lodge (rough edges where they knocked it out of the mold), but it is plenty functional.  Just burn off that garbage "pre-seasoning" that they have on it and start over and season it the right way and you will have a functional pot that will do fine for what you want.  All my stuff I use at home are antiques that I either inherited or scrounged up at yard sales, junk shops etc.... 
Proper use of the lid lifter.

That was an awesome souffle too!

Ok that picture has me excited this site has made me go from BBQ man to outdoor cook fast.  I already have my eye on a plow disk cooker as well.
Hahahahah here's one I put on another thread.

Cooked meatloaf and asaregus for about 60 folks at scout camp  .

Thanks I have some leftover money from my Fantasy Football winnings I think I am going to order this one.
OK i ordered the 8 quart lodge and it will be here tomorrow with the free 2 day shipping.  Anything I need to do with it or is it really preseasoned and ready to go.
OK i ordered the 8 quart lodge and it will be here tomorrow with the free 2 day shipping.  Anything I need to do with it or is it really preseasoned and ready to go.

You made the right choice, Lodge is the last manufacturer of cast iron cookware still making them in the USA.  So unless you find an older American Made, all others are made in China...
You will love the Lodge.  Also, I don't like buying sets of almost anything.  I might like one item in a set and find another not suitable.  Also, many sets contain items you will rarely if ever use.

Good luck and good smoking.
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