Would like to know if I can eliminate all charcoal from the Master built 800

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Oct 8, 2022
This will be my first gravity feed, on my offset, it never had a piece of charcoal in it, always wood, but I would like to know if i can do that on the master built , I would assume there should not be a problem and I don't seem to be able to find much information on the subject except for layering charcoal and wood
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IDK, the MB gravity is designed to use both, I would not use just wood. If you have splits you can put some vertically in the hopper and surround with charcoal. I have only used chunks mixed with the coals and works great, holds temps really well.
I own a 560 and while I've never tried just wood, the manual makes it very clear to not use it with only wood. They even list the recommended maximum amount of it. It can't be ran without charcoal. And while I don't remember the exact amount the recommended amount of wood's a relatively small amount considering how big the hopper is.
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I came across this video today...

I've never thought about doing something like this with my Gravity 980... honestly, it just never crossed my mind. Assuming I can recreate this experiment, it seems that if you wanted to deep-smoke something, this might be the way to go, then perhaps use regular charcoal to finish out the cook... dunno... just spitballing.
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