Working on a Decent sized Butt today..

Discussion in 'Pork' started by abelman, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Not looking to change the thread but I'm in the sunshine state, problem is it's the time of the year we get the liquid sunshine in the afternoon...I plan to do 6 slabs of babybacks and 2 birds..1 beer can..1 not.. Have several couples coming over to have some good Q and watch the NASCAR race..

    PLAN A: Cook early, ribs 2-2-1, birds, 4 or 5 to 170. Now is to place in oven at 170 to keep warm. How long can I do this without them drying out. Plan to wrap both in foil before going into the oven. Never tried this before.....can it work????

    Plan B: ????? This is where I'm depending on the Guru's to educate me.[​IMG]
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    Not sure what happened here..sorry guy's and gal's didn't mean to double post[​IMG]
  3. Abelman, looks like you must be enjoying it now because you're off line. I bet it tastes as good as it looks. Great q-view. Thanks for sharing.

    Maybe a dumb question for a newbie like me, but please explain the piece of wood sitting on the temp probe. You just holding it down there, or do you get some extra benefit from a piece of wood right next to the meat?

    I hope things are lovely in Littleton tonight. I grew up in the southern burbs of Denver and long for the Colorado sunshine and dry air when the grey and rain sets in here for weeks on end.
  4. abelman

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    Actually, it's a good question. It simply keeps the temp probe off the grill and keeps it from touching any metal. That way, I can double check my thermo on the smoker top, just to be sure [​IMG] There is a hole drilled through it to fit the probe.

    As for eating, not even close yet. It went to foil at 155 and into the oven. I'll take it out when it hits 195-200. Then, it stays in the foil and into a cooler for at least an hour. Then, I'll take it out and let it rest for another hour and then pull it by hand. This is going to a brother's house tomorrow so I'm not in a big hurry.

    Here is how the veggies turned out, they are done:

    As for S. Denver/Littleton, it's great here as you know, hard to leave. The PNW is nice too but not enough sun for me, [​IMG]
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    Hey Ableman I'm probably 15 minutes away from you and I might sneak over and steal that butt!! LOL. Looks very good. I also like your jalaps & onion dish; saw that in another thread and will have to try it. Good work my fellow Coloradan.
  6. abelman

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    Thanlks Mark, I appreciate it. Nice to hear from a fellow Coloradan in SW Denver.

    If I can ever be of help, just holler! Might not be able to help but you can always ask...[​IMG]
  7. wmarkw

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    Cool, will do. Thanks!
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    Abelman Great job!!!!!! Bet it will be tasteyyyyyyyyyy... Did ya cook the veggies for the whole time you had the butt on the smoker? That is a good idea but i never knew how long to cook them..
  9. abelman

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    Yeah, I leave them on as long as the meat is on. It's best with Brisket but the Butt one is good. Added a little brown sugar to get this one back. The key, hard part is to not put too much apple juice in but also put enough in. Ideally, when all is said and done, there isn't much liquid left in the pan when you pull it. That's the best way I can describe it I'm afraid to say. I put too much apple juice in on this batch but it still came out good, not great like the last one.
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    Love the color of that thing. Let me know how the sauce turned out. I may want a copy of your invoice. It won't take that long to get to me. [​IMG]
  11. abelman

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    Flash/Sensay for you, anything....[​IMG]
  12. abelman

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    After an hour in the cooler, this will sit as is for another hour and then I'll pull it. So far, so good but the taste test is where's it at. Hope all is well [​IMG] :
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    Nice smoke Abelman. Love that Colorado myself. We are Steamboat fans.
  14. abelman

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    Finished late last night and it was worth the effort. All pulled and ready to go:
  15. vince

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    looks great! Thanks for sharing all the pictures,
  16. flash

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    So???? How did it taste?? Did you like the basting sauce?
  17. yea inquiring minds want to know! lol looks great Abelman!
  18. abelman

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    Yeah, I like it. It's the best butt I've made but I haven't done a lot of them. I'll get a better idea when the family/brothers eat it.

    With all the stuff that goes into something like this, hard to say just how much difference the basting sauce makes. With that said, I'll continue to use it. Like I said, I isolated it on the Bufffalo burger and that was excellent.

    By the way, I did break into the sauce as well. It's more like a salsa that needs to be spooned on and not coming out of a squirt bottle. I tried the Hot and Spicy. It has some kick but tame for pepperheads. This is a for sure keeper....Excellent!

    For those trying to follow this, here's a link to the company that makes the basting sauce, BBQ sauce, etc. :

    P.S. Kajun, thanks for the headsup on this, I really appreciate it!! I'm a believer.
  19. glad you like Abelman...people in my area have been using it on bbq for as long as i can remember....for us it just dont taste right without it....and we are happy to share to it with other people.

    for a butt its hard to really make a big difference on a piece of meat that size/thickness but on chicken,burgers,steaks is where it really shines and the flavor comes through........for smoking butts its just another layer of goodness in the ritual :)
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    Abe, those veggies look amazing. The pork's not to shabby either! LOL

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