Wood chips or pellets?

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    what do you guys use in your MES. Wood  chips or pellets. I have a 30 MES with the attached cold smoker.  Has anyone tried using the pellets in the cold smoker.
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    I use wood chips in mine. But I think some have used pellets but not sure how it turns out. Maybe some one who has used them will come along soone
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    I've not done any of it yet, though I have had pathetic and very disappointing results trying to smoke with chunked charcoal and chips and later nothing but miniature split wood "logs" (tree branches split with a knife and hammer) trying to keep the temp down. Recently Bear and JJ suggested this device:


    which seems to do a great and very versatile (hot and cold) job of producing smoke regardless of the actual condition of the "smoker" itself. After checking it out on Youtube and reading what people here have to say about it, today I ordered the product and some pellets to try out. Oh yeah...the mailbox mod adds a whole other level of possibilities...
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  4. I have an MES 40, sportsman Elite.  It has the side loader you twist and drop in.

    I have used both chips and pellets, and combo of the two. 

    Pure pellets burn quicker, and create a thick smoke, but only for 45 min to an hour.

    I have bypassed the loader, and placed a combo in the tray and slide it back in manually.  Half and half, split down the middle. What I think happened, is the pellets  lite first, heavy smoke, then the chips carried it a little longer.  Still playing and need to verify mid smoke.

    But the combo worked the best.  Apple chips and Mesquite pellets.  Used on a brisket.  4 loads over 8.5 hours, worked great.

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