Wood chips and charcoal question

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Meat Mopper
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Feb 24, 2011
Central Illinois
So, being a newbie I have a question. I have used my smoker 4 times. Each time I get the fire box going with lump charcoal. Then periodically I throw on a handful of wood chips throughout the smoking process. My questions is:

Should I do this or purchase a cast iron chip box so my chips dont catch fire?

I am trying to get a hold of some fruit wood so I can just use an all wood fire to smoke with. But, until I can do so I am wondering the proper technique with the charcoal/chip combo.
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have you tried using chunks instead of chips?
I used to use both chips and chunks for different things
Yes, I used hickory chunks the first time. But, I like a mellower smoke flavor and found that apple wood gives me that.

When I add the chips I get a burst of thick white smoke. This stops after the chips burn off a bit. From what I've read I don't want thick white smoke. I haven't noticed any bitter taste to anything I've smoked.

So, is the thick white smoke to be expected when adding chips to charcoal?
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