Won a Lang 48" Deluxe Patio Wagon Wheeled Smoker - Can't Decide to Keep or Sell

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Jun 17, 2024
Kershaw County, SC
New to group and never smoked anything before. We went to the Southeastern BBQ Showdown this past weekend in Columbia, SC and had a great time as a visitor and concert attendee. We entered a raffle (never thinking we'd win) and we won a brand new Lang 48" Deluxe Patio Wagon Wheeled cart. I did want to get into smoking eventually, but I honestly don't think I'm ready for this one. It's like winning a Sherman tank; cool, but not sure what I can really do with it. Anybody got any advice? Should I just roll up my sleeves and give it a try or should I try to find a new home for it?
Kershaw County, SC
That would be a sweet tool to own. Congrats! That is a smoker that many folks aspire to own.
Congrats on the win! If future-you ends up being a regular, future-you is probably going to be very happy with a free Lang. Between now and then, it's not like learning to drive on a Ferrari; the worst thing that happens is you squander some meats & wood and decide you don't need a smoker and just sell it off.
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Welcome from Virginia! Awesome score. I can't see what it would hurt to run it up and do some cookin! Worst thing is you don't like it and sell it off, which I'm sure you won't have a hard time doing especially if the price is right.
I'd say keep it as well! Learn to use it... makes an awesome smoker.

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It's a little like diving in the deep end of the pool but it's imo the best stick burners ever. I love my Lang. If you want to get into smoking AND are ok with something you need to tend a fire on it's a keeper. If you want something a little less hands on that you can "set and forget" then it's not for you.
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By winning the raffle you saved money and years of time. You could go to Home Depot and spend $250 for a stick burner and fight it to keep solid temp. Then give up and buy a pellet smoker because you are tired of babysitting. Then decide you do not get enough smoke flavor with the pellet and then buy a Lang. All this would cost money and time. You just skipped all the hassle:) Or you could buy 5 smokers each for a different task. At least now, you won the most expensive smoker. All the rest will be cheaper.
Congrats and if you have space for it, I would give it a whirl! That is a very very nice smoker!

I will also let you know that a "smaller" or "entry level" smoker is NOT the way to go (ie these can be very temperamental and hard to have a good experience with). The design and size you just won is ideal for simple operation, it is a perfect one to learn from as it will be easier to use over a smaller one. Just me but its a perfect first smoker because it can be your favorite smoker for the next 20 plus years!
Yes, I had to pick it up the next morning. Mr. Lang had 20 smokers there that were used by the BBQ Showdown contestants. He loaded ours up on our trailer and then he was back to south GA.
Does that mean you got a slightly used Lang? If yes that is a good thing. Probably means it got seasoned.

Congrats on the surprise win.
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