Winter Lansing Michigan Cheese Smoke 03/16/14

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Oct 27, 2012
Lansing Michigan
There is interest in having a cheese smoke using multiple smokers and woods by several members so I am willing to put this on.  


First I want to invite anyone who would like to come no matter where you are from.  Lansing has a international airport.

Second we need to come up with a date.  KFC can’t make it till after the 15[sup]th[/sup].  I am open to most anytime so if you want to come please tell us what dates can work for you.

I think this will be an afternoon smoke so I am thinking like 12:00pm to 6:00 or 8:00pm on a Saturday or Sunday.

Everyone brings the cheese they want and can choose what smoke and time they want splitting up the cheese they brought.  We can have one hot smoker and do something’s to munch and eat.

I have 4 smokers so if you can bring a small smoker or racks that we can make smokers for that would help.

I can set up a 10x20 canopy with sides and ends and I have a 220 heater that might be able to warm things up.  I don’t think weather should hinder us unless we get a big storm that day.

So jump in and get smoked.

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Hillbillyrkstr sent me a pm saying this. 

There's always a danger of me having to work till 230pm on Saturdays but I'd head over after if I had to work. Far as I know I have no major plans in the near future so I'm pretty sure I'll make it as long as work doesn't interfere. Give me a date and I'll let you know ASAP. Thanks for doing this. It's more or less like a hands on demo for me, and I am always ready to learn.


The Spartan store has bb ribs on sale for 1.99 lb so I picked up three racks and will cook them to munch on while the cheese smokes.

I will through out a date of  2-2-14 a Sunday.  Kingfishcam, Humdinger, rweidner86 and anyone else who would like to come please give me your thoughts on this date.

That date works for me schedule-wise....just gotta clear it with the warden now! 
That's great Cam,  Start buying cheese now.  I have been hoping for a sale and will keep watching. I heard that Horrocks farm market has a good selection and good prices so I am going to go there Saturday and see.

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I went out and bought some cheese yesterday for the big smoke in two weeks. 
Two large 24 OZ blocks of extra sharp cheddar to be used for comparison purposes.  I plan on cutting each block into pieces then smoke 2 pieces in each of as many different kinds of smoke as we can set up.  Smoke them for 2 hrs and remove one piece then the other at 4 hrs.  Vac pack and label well.  In a month I will try them all at the same time and compare.

I do know I love smoked cheese so I also have a few different kinds too. 

True blue cheddar (the cheese that blooms) -- fruit wood ?
Fontinella -- ?
Apple cinnamon cheddar --- Hickory
Cave aged cheddar -- ?
Red,White,Blue --- hickory
We will all be trying and testing and tasting from the start of this smoke to the end.

I have three racks of ribs I will start early to warm up the canopy and make that smoker ready for cheese by 1:00.  I can keep them warm in the oven for snacks.

Woods I have and we can choose what ones we want to use.    Cherry, mulberry, hickory, oak, apple, mesquite, orange, bourbon, pit masters blend, Pecan.   Maybe a few more I can’t remember.

I will have coffee, tea, coke or Pepsi.  If you want beer bring your own.

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I have not yet bought any cheese, but I am currently curing done ground venison jerky for the smoke tomorrow. I will bring some to the cheesefest..

Stan, do we need additional vac sealer machine? Just received my 140 from our site sponsor!
I have not yet bought any cheese, but I am currently curing done ground venison jerky for the smoke tomorrow. I will bring some to the cheesefest..

Stan, do we need additional vac sealer machine? Just received my 140 from our site sponsor!
Jerky sounds good.  A sec vac can't hurt. Bring your tube smoker and if you can your MF smoker too.  don't think you will need the lp tank.

So 2-2 is Super Bowl Day so we may just want to change the date to the 9th or 16[sup]th[/sup].

It matters not to me either way.  I do have a TV so we can watch it here.

Ooooooooooohhh hell yeah! Thanks Stan! Looks like I just forgot to join last year! But now I'm here!

Cheese smoke on Super Bowl Sunday is rough. We have to try and change that.
One week to go till the big cheese smoke.  Anyone else who would like to join in.  You’re welcome to do so.

Cam the jerky looks great and I can’t wait.  I will have some cheese that I already smoked and whatever else I can come up with to snack on too.

I plan on starting three racks of BBs in the morning and moving them to the oven at noon so we can use that smoker for cheese.

Looks like it might be in the 20s and most likely even snow.  Can’t ask for better weather than that when you live in Michigan.

So get some cheese and come smoke with friends.

Gonna go buy a variety cheeses next week Stan! Can't wait! That's a lot of jerky Cam! Hunting seasons been good to you! Anyone else coming? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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