Wings for the big game.. Brine, rub, or a combination of both?

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Jan 5, 2014
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I have been reading for hours and the number of recipes astounds me! A quick question though... Are there any potential problems to brining fora couple hours, then patting dry on the surface and then adding a rub before smoking?

I am thinking about brining in the red pepper and vinegar Brine to get the inside flavor and then rubbing with a sweeter rub to get a little sweet and spicy.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
I don't think it would hurt to brine, but a lot of folks on here inject the wings then sprinkle on the rub and smoke them that way.
The best way to get the flavor is to inject. Search here for Scarbelly wings. Once you try them you'll never go back to marinated brined again!
Thanks all.. @dirtsailor2003 I definitely have read that Scarbelly recipe a few times... I've never injected before (yep, I'm a relative newbie), but I definitely see it in my future

I've also read this thread started by @louballs that got me thinking about the red pepper and vinegar brine to get a little heat inside the wings.

I picked up some John Henry's Sugar Maple Rub recommended at my local barbeque store as the 'sweet' for the outside.

Oh well... I think I have a solution.

I'll just have to make a 'test batch' or two this afternoon before I really settle into my solution for what I'll bring to the Big Game party tomorrow!
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Nascot , hello from Glass City , and yes is my answer. Knowing Injection gets more flavor , I just don't mess with doing that extra step. I put flavor in my Brine  and let Her swim all night or so , then dry , put compound Butter under the skin and Smoke Her.   Sailor does a mean Q
 and I know there's a bunch out there that (like My Friend Sailor
) inject and love it , it's just my choice . . .but not out of the question .

Have fun and . . .
I only inject turkeys. Brine is sufficient for smaller pieces. I also force a compound butter under the skin. I use almost a pound of dried red chilies in my brine.
Well, here's the finished product, but all evidence has been destroyed. In other words, they turned out darn good.

I cooked them for about 2 hours at 225, flipped 'Em halfway through, then turned them over, sprayed them with chili pepper flavored olive oil, took out the water pan and jacked up the temp to just over 300 to try and crisp them up.

I think a little more heat could have gotten them a bit crispier, but overall, I was pretty happy with them and will look forward to cooking a much bigger batch tomorrow before the big game.

One smoke at a time... And having fun learning! Thanks all for all the suggestions.
I wouldn't brine as much as would marinate. I'm a fan of Siracha and Allegro products and use them often along with fruit juice concentrates to win contests and impress at our cater/vend functions. If you like hot wings here's one for the brave. Prepare wings or other chicken parts by rinsing and drying. Trim if needed. Soak in Siracha/ fruit preserves to fruit juice for anywhere from 2 hours to 24 for insane hot. Since the meat is marinading, the next bite just gets hotter! Very different than having a little hot sauce on the outside. Drain and lightly dust with your favorite rub. Smoke at 275 until done, glazing with a sweet sauce for a balance. These have won many hot wing contests. Our favorite combo has been Head Country rub with their sauce sweetened with corn syrup, using pecan smoke. With Allegro products, which have many choices, most work best as bottle directions say and add your favorite rub that will blend with your choice. Great stuff! More wings consumed for the Super Bowl than any other day. As far as injection goes, we use it as a last resort at a contest if there was a problem with temp., but never needed it for consistant top scores in yardbird. Also when thinking hot wings or any other protiens, remember that most peppers bloom or get noticed at different times. So using white pepper, then red followed by say black or ancho, then use with sweet additives for a ride of my favorite- sweet/ hot, sweet/ hot and repeat. All with a balance. Good eats to you. Steve.
There's a local Cajun joint around here that wins the wing cook off routinely. They smoke then fry them in peanut oil. I've been doin them like that for years and just can't get enough.

I brine, sprinkle with cajun shake, smoke em, then fry em. After frying I toss them in a mix of BBQ sauce, butter, and Frank's. my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

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