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Wing kinda weekend!!


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Weather at almost 60 and a 10 lbs. bag of wings on hand. Time to smoke some wings. Didn't take a lot of pics as I am working on a supper cook for my wife too. Going to celebrate her getting some kind of certification to teach a cardio class of some sort :)

First up was to make a batch of my rub. No pics of the finish but for those of you that might be interested in a really good sugar free sweet heat rub here is my go to. It is fantastic on pork and chicken.

Keto Sweet Heat
  • 1/2 cup Golden Lakanto (Can use Swerve Brown but this flows better)
  • 1/4 cup Smoked paprika
  • 3 TBSP each salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder
  • 1 TBSP cumin ,cayenne and cinnamon

I put out all the wings on a big pad and pat them dry and then literally hand dry each one of them. Onto a pan they go and sprayed with avocado oil on both sides. Liberally apply the rub all over spinning them to coat. After they are off to the frig overnight to dry real good.

rubbed up.jpg

Fired up the 270 smoker with B&B Texas Style Oak lump with a couple nice big chunks of hickory and cherry. Running with no water pan so that I can get nice high temps faster. I have done these enough times now I have the temp management down pat. I let it run up to 285F and put in the straight from the frig cold wings. Thermal load drops her to about 240F. Takes about 1 hour as it works its way up to 275F - 300F . I let them go two hours and check temp and usually they are between 165F and 180F. Wings seem to be pretty forgiving and honestly I think at the higher temp they are still very juicy and come off the bone easier.

Decided to make up a jerk aioli for the dipping sauce. Roughly 2 cups mayo, 4 or 5 tablespoons each of G. Hughes SF original bbq and Grace Hot Jerk wet rub. Amounts are approximate as I just kept mixing until I had a flavor I liked. Here they are plated up headed to the table for lunch with friends.

plated 2.jpg

plated 3.jpg

They look a littler dark in the pic but they are spot on perfect bite through skin. This rub tends to be a nice dark color especially with cherry wood smoke, The sauce is awesome. Great to dip the wings, celery and green onion in.
Well that's it. Thanks for looking! Off to my next meal for this evening!


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Beautiful wings! Like! I was going to cook wings today for my son visit but... forgot of this and cooked sweet and sour giant shrimps and fried some scallops instead.... Next weekend wings!


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Beautiful wings Jeff! I like how they’re darker, I like crispy wings.

I’ll bring the celery and bleu cheese.


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Good looking stuff Jeff!! Load me up a double....no, triple order to go please!! I love a good wing but just can't do them around here except when Tracy is gone and those days are usually reserved for seafood...like lobster tonight :emoji_wink:



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Damn Jeff those wings looks amazing. I really like the dark color you got on them! The dipping sauce sounds really good too I will have to give that a try. I have been frying mine since I got the new propane fryer but I think the next batch is headed back to the smoker after seeing these. Big points my friend!

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