wind-- is it a problem??

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Original poster
Aug 7, 2006
New Bedford ma
I'm concerned as I live in New ENgland and even on a nice day it gets breezy. Should I be concerned? How can you tell if the burner goes out?
I've never used a gas smokers but I think the burner is inside the unit right below the coal/wood basket, so I don't think it would get so much wind that the burner would go out. But like I said I've never used such a unit, I'm sure someone here who has will confirm me or set me straight.

I think one of the bigger problems with wind is that it can cool down the smoker to much and you can't get high enough temps going on, but again with gas I don't think there should be a huge problem. I think that more of an electrical smoker problem. Cause with gas you should be able to pump a decent amount of fuel in there.

In any case don't worry to much. You're about to start cooking the best food your family and friends have ever eaten. And really there's no problem with smokers that people around here haven't solved already.
I live in North Texas and my patio is on the south side of our house. Even though surrounded by an 8 foot fence on 2 sides, a 4 foot high deck on the other and blocked in by the above ground pool, wind is a serious issue with my gas smoker. I've blocked the baffles on the sides in an effort to keep the fire going, to no avail.  On a day with gusty winds, forget smoking much of anything unless you plan on sitting right next to it all day long. Just had my gas cylinder run dry wasting gas smoking a brisket. Got half way done, went to check it and guess what? Fire was out and the rest of my gas cylinder was just emptied into the breeze for nothing. Grrr.
Wind can be tough even here in south jersey but it's a simple fix of throwing together a quick wind block. Can be as simple as couple pieces of foam board or plywood or even a 6' folding table turned on its side. I've put two together like an arrow before to block wind. Hope this helps I will say for my issues its about either fueling the coal running me hot or it cools the unit bringing my temps down. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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