Wild Fork Tri-tip

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Dec 17, 2019
PembrokePines, FL
So I had a prehistoric primal desire for beef. aa earlier noted, made my first in-person visit to Wild Fork.
Went in with a fairly open mind, with a budget. Aft3r perusing the beef section We decided on Prime Tri-tip.
After seeing the marbling in the meat i could only go with coarse ghround black, coarse Kosher salt and a skosh of garlic powder. Decided on using he MES30for the cook stage, because I know a I could get an even 230 with light smoke. Used oak and hickory chips. (no tube) The sear stage challenged me between digging out a cast iron griddle or heating up the blackstone. In retrospect, the griddle does not get a hot as cast iron, so I'll know next time.
While doing thsi, i had bought some low sodium better than bouillion (Its not low sodium) and whipped up a gravy drizzle in case the tri-tip was dryish. anyway. pulled at 130 and rested 5-10 min before the slice.
My photography skills still suck.

tri tip prime 8 2023 (2).jpg
Looks excellent. Great work. I get most of my Steaks etc from WF. Quality and price are much better than the Grocery stores.
That looks exceptional. And I feel ya... I can't take a picture to save my life.
That looks great. Salt pepper and garlic powder is how it is done out here. Coastal Oak is the tradition but I like to add hickory myself.

I don't think you could have made it any better.
Wow, that looks spectacular. Truly perfect cook on that piece of meat. Could not have been done any better, and it's a GREAT cut to prep and cook the way you did. Very nicely done.
So I had a prehistoric primal desire for beef.
Hmmmm....I can relate. Very familiar with this desire, or maybe we just call it "instinct" for the sake of justification :emoji_wink:

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