Who's Yer Favorite Local Butcher?

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Jan 4, 2020
For the 2nd year in a row, I bought 30 lbs of pork belly to make some bacon and it was about 80% fat. I know that pork belly is a roll of the dice, but I'd like a better return for the amount of work involved.

I'm in New Berlin and I've had great results from Rupenas and not so great from Rays. I mean overall, not just the pork belly.

Thought I'd pose the question, 'Who's your favorite butcher?'

JC in GB

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Sep 28, 2018
Green Bay, WI
Maplewood meats has the best pork belly I have used for bacon. You will pay premium price for it as well.

I got pork belly from GFS that worked well for bacon. More fat than the Maplewood belly.

JC. :emoji_cat:


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Jan 27, 2016
I moved a state over a few years ago, but whenever I am back in town I'm always hitting up Brandon Meats.


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Dec 3, 2015
I’m fairly lucky, we have several reputable meat cutters in the area, and we like to support all of them at one time or another throughout the year. I’ll drive to any of them before costco, partly because I can, mostly because they’re closer as well. There is one in Baraboo that I’ve not been to yet, heard good things about it.

Lodi Sausage - excellent bacon, sausage, dried beef, ham. Venison snack stix are also excellent.
Wyttenbach’s - Prairie Du Sac
Prem’s - Spring Green

There is also a pork farm raising Berkshire hogs that has a retail outlet in Prairie Du Sac if that’s what you’re into.


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Feb 18, 2015
I was a dedicated shopper at my local butcher. but then one Christmas they were charging ridiculous prices for tenderloins - total gouging! and then shortly there after I picked up some st louis ribs that just grossly fatty and horrible. they are nice people, but I be paying what they charge.

Costco is my Go To for all meats now. hands down better quality and better prices.


Apr 18, 2022
Southeastern Wisconsin
I personally go to bunzels in Wauwatosa. I have never had any negative experiences here, and the staff actually knows what they are talking about (compared to other butchers (Karl's Country Market)).


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Sep 12, 2009
Macungie, PA
Living in a solid Pennsylvania Dutch area, and right next to Amish Lancaster, PA, we have small family butcher shops all over the place.
My Favorite butcher is "Barringer Bros", where they used to have a special bench in the slaughtering room, for me & two of my buddies to sit & watch them drop them, hoist them & bleed them, and so on. Maybe we'd even get a little blood on us, if we were lucky!! They're down in Richlandtown, where I was born & raised, so Being a 35 minute trip, we don't get down there too often. So the last place I got Pork Bellies was from Harry Waterman's, in Hereford, about 10 minutes from here. I'd just tell Harry how many I want, & he'd get them within a few days.
I'm only about a half hour away from The Famous "Detrich's Meats". Google That for a real treat of Smoked Meat pictures.

How 'bout some Smoked Lebanon Bologna Footballs:
Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 9.19.53 AM.png
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