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Discussion in 'Peppers' started by big game cook, May 3, 2013.

  1. big game cook

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    anyone getting or got them in the soil yet? with the never ending winter im just beginning. got sweet banana cayanne in and bells. slim pickings at the market still. wally only has hot varietys in the $3 singles. hard to fill a garden with them lol. needing some hotties. jalapenos 4 packs had sold out before i got to them.  tilled some composted rabbit waste into the garden again this year. should make some great growing. last season i had green bells about to my shoulders.

    plan a few more this year. my grandparents just cant get out and work a garden anymore and i tilled thier plot yesterday. my uncle wants to plant a few tomatoes there so i stuck my NC giant pumpkins and a row of zuchinni in theres. that frees up room in mine for more firey treats.

    screwed aroung to long and wanted to get some more jalokia seeds started this year. never bought any. maybe the greenhouses will get them lol. hottest i can usually get here is carribian reds. and i have to hit a specialty grower to get them. the retail outlets have regular habaneros but thats about it. i had a friend in texas once send me some scotch bonnets, and pequins and a few other exotics a while back. them were the days.
  2. daveomak

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    I have several plants started from seed.....  It's still freezing here at night.... I'll have to wait for a week or so...
  3. fpnmf

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    I started everything with seeds in the greenhouse.

    Got mini watermelons, acorn squash, onions and bush beans already in....

     Got mini bells habs 2 kinds of japs coming out of the trays and into 2 inch pots..a few weeks and they will be in the ground...

    Going to put potatos in half barrels next week...

    I was real happy with the gardening til yesterday..was walking back from the mailbox (its across the street) heard a strange sound in the field

    next to us..I waltzed over and found a baby wild boar staring at me...

    I am watching for the mama with my scoped Ruger...


  4. daveomak

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    Ummmm Good....   Fresh garden veggies and wild pig.....   Are you gonna put a pig fence up around the veggie patch ??
  5. fpnmf

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    Nope..gonna put a pig in the smoker...

  6. frosty

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    Good luck with the boar hunt Craig!  Have tried some Japs and Habs, but the birds got to them.  Might keep lloking for some more though.

    All I got right now is some tomatoes planted, but they look goo so far.  Fingers crossed.[​IMG]
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  7. not a thing wrong with wild hog. it makes great sausage and pulled piggy YUM YUM.

    happy smoken.

  8. i have a little of my garden planted. i have noticed that the deer eat the jalapeno plants. it has happened for many years. they leave everything else in the garden alone. just eat the jalapeno plants off at the ground. has anyone else had that problem? then a May 3rd snow. in Arkansas no less.

    have several differ ant peppers, differ ant tomatoes, differ ant squash.

    then onions, garlic and mint( watch out for the mint. it will take over if you let it) 


    apple tree

    happy smoken.

  9. chef willie

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    Put some Yukon Gold taters and Sugar Snap Peas with edible pods in the tractor tire about March 1st that are doing well now. I had them covered with plastic like a mini-greenhouse. In the main raised bed the Elephant Garlic has been in since last Fall and I just put in the hot peppers yesterday. Thai birds eyes and cayenne's and a pony pak of Poblanos for stuffing

    I'll put in a few more 'exotic' peppers soon and the usual tomato & some squash that becomes chicken feed.

  10. Here's how my stuff is looking today;

    Front flower bed;

    Black Beauty Egg Plant and 4 Big Bertha Bell Peppers;

    Mortgage Lifter and Yellow Brandywine Tomatoes;

    Burpless, Homemade Pickle, Fanfare, Japanese, Armenian, & Lemon Cucumbers;

    Jubilee, Misty, O'Neal, & Reveille Southern High Bush Blueberries;

    Roma Tomato;

    Black Beauty Zucchini;

    Early Girl Tomato;

    Black Beauty Egg Plant;

    Habanero & 4 Mucho Nacho Jalapenos;

    Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato;

    Red Potatoes;

    Rosemary and Ambrosia & Wonderful Pomegranates;


    Myers Lemon and 4 Pluots;

    Flavorosa, Flavor Grenade, Flavor Queen, & Dapple Dandy Pluots;

    Panache, Black Mission, Kadota, & Janice Seedless Kadota Figs;

    Craig's Crimson, Lambert, Lapins, & Royal Rainier Cherries;

    The Pluots, Figs, & Cherries are in their 5th season and are grafted on dwarf & semi-dwarf root stock and planted using Dave Wilson Nursery Backyard Culture High Density Fruit Tree Growing technique.

    Bearss Lime;

    Bosc, Bartlett, Comice, Red Bartlett, D'Anjou & ? Multi-Grafted Espalier Pear Tree;

    Onions & Garlic drying on covered patio.  Had onions drying on ground until yesterday.  Had to move under pation due to rain forecast.  Garlic is hanging on lattice panels.

    The carboard box and plastic container are full of Amazing Products pellets.

    Also have a Fuji Apple and Oro Blanco Grapefruit tree that I forgot to take photos of.  My idea is to have some type of fruit or veggie ripe in the garden at any time throughout the year.  Winter garden usually contains lettuces, spinach, sweet peas, carrots, and radishes at a minimum.

    Thanks for looking.
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  11. My little boxes are in. 

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  12. Bama, them's some nice looking beds.  Great to see the kids involved!
  13. fpnmf

    fpnmf Smoking Guru OTBS Member


    Awesome garden!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  14. fpnmf

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    Looking good Mule,Willie and Bama!!

  15. daveomak

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    Great looking gardens.....   Nice to see the kids involved....     

  16. big game cook

    big game cook Smoking Fanatic

    great pics. i live in town so no deer problems. my problems are the squibbeling starlings. they will strip 3 dozen plants in one morning. clip em off at the ground. i used a bird net for a while. now i just get coffee cans from the recycle dumpster and cut out the ends.

    row of celeb tomatoes then roma then bells sweet and red bell and new mexico jim. still havent found any hot peppers at the stores that arent in singles. i wont buy them. got to be 6 or 4 packs. the far left is horseradish. then some rubarb on the left up the pic a bit. thats been growing here since before i bought the place. we really dont use it much. i pick a staly once in a while every year and chomp on it. the kids do too. i need to make something from it. the darn goat runs to it everytime he gets out. then has a stomach ach for days. he likes the horseradish leaves too. radishes are just popping through. the zuchinni is breaking the soil today. hopefully no more frosts. getting cool in the night but not close to frost. these were taken when i posted the thread then i forgot to post. the green rebar marked my rasdishes. there up now though.

    my asparagus will be picken size next year. planted it 3 years ago. about pencil size and a couple that were a lil bigger.
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  17. Thanks Craig!  Your stuff looks great too!  We don't have pigs to worry about but I have chicken wire up to keep doggies and kitties out.  We do get opossums and skunks from time to time.  Not sure I'd want to try smoked skunk but opossum might be interesting.
  18. Thanks Dave!  You've got a nice garden going there too.
  19. I just realized you didn't post garden photos in this thread but I had seen an older thread that showed some of your previous garden photos and it was those photos that I had stuck in my head.  Sorry
  20. dougmays

    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead

    man you guys are blowing me out of the water! Started some Early Jalepenos, Hot Rod Serranos, and GHOST peppers from sead in the middle of march. First time growing Ghosts and read that they can take up to 120 days to bloom.

    Jalepenos have grown quick, got them in the ground already. Ghost seedlines are nice and hardening but only about 1" tall right now. Started some Green tomato plants as well but lost one to heat and just put 2 more in the ground but they are already getting the white stuff on there leaves...so maybe diseased?

    i have terrible luck with tomatos 

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