Who's cooking what for Super Bowl

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Original poster
Jan 4, 2014
Carthage, Texas
Greetings from east Texas,

     Thought it would be fun to see what the Super Bowl Menus were. ( I know some of ya'll are going to be cooking.)

      I'm putting on a pork butt, some baby backs, chicken, and probably a briskett.

Dallas could'nt pull it off, and New Orleans only made it to division, so I don't care who wins, as long as we eat good and enjoy. ( commercials are good to see!!!! )

                     Mike & Lisa
Bacon Wrapped Pepperonis, Bacon wrapped Pinapple. Sausage Balls stuffed with Cheese and maybe Chicken Wings

I am doing some cheese and salami now and on the day, I will do some ribs from a rib roast.  I am not sure what else I will do.  Probably some veggie and some roasted potatoes.  I saw some jalapeno poppers someone did on this site that looked very good.  I have done some very good ones on the grill, but want to try the smoker. 

I have to get a bit closer to the day, but will definitely post the Q-view!

I'm not sure if we're having people over or not, so that will determine how much and what I make. If it's just us or a few just start showing up, I'll probably do some wings and some kind of burger. If I know in advance that people are coming, I'll do some ribs or a brisket.

I'm going to do some buffalo chicken cheese balls and ABT's no matter how many show up.
That all sounds good, not doing the Brisket, going to try (TRYING 2 SMOKE's) "Texas Pork Butt".
With some Baby Backs and Chicken.
Well, tomorrow we are smoking two pork shoulder roasts.  One for a neighbor and one for us.  I doubt it will last long enough to be anything for the game. 

So, I have some beef back ribs that have all the meat on them, maybe I'll do those. 

For sure we are having smoked cheese and salami.  I got some pepperoni today, going to get some crackers tomorrow and some non smoked cheese too.  I think I will cut up some veggies and apples too.

May be too much stuff with left over pulled pork.

I will post some Qview of the pork and the snack trays.

CONGRATS if your team won, SORRY if your team lost.
Pork Butt and Chicken turned out great. Someday I'll figure out how to post pictures.
Ate so much, I fell asleep during the third quater. ( but, I think by then the outcome was already determined. )

Hope everyone had a great day.
Wife wanted pork chops, so I bought thick cut chops and brined them in apple cider and 1/4 cup kosher salt for 8 hours. Then they got a pork rub and went into the smoker with apple pellets for 3 hours until 140* IT. Came out awesome with brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes...

Even though I love watching any Manning loose, dinner was much better than the game...
Hi Gary,

I just saw this post.  I smoked them at 250 degress until the bacon gets crispy.   

Sorry for the late,late reply.
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