Whole Venison Hind Quarter

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Nov 29, 2016
I plan on smoking a whole venison hind quarter on the bone in my electric smoker this Saturday. I'm asking for any tips/suggestions for doing this. I planned on soaking it in buttermilk for at least 24 hours, using a dry rub, then covering it in bacon. I was thinking of smoking it at 225 until it reaches an internal temp of 150. Any tips, suggestions, or recipes regarding rubs, brines, or temp are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
My buddy i hunt with does one every year just low and slow over charcoal. It is by far the best deer I've ever had. I know he puts it in a cooler rubbed down for about 2 days.let me see if i can find the rub recipe for you
Dijon mustard,olive oil, salt & pepper,garlic and chopped up rose marry mixed well. He didnt send me the measurements he uses but he lets it marinate for 3 days
Think 150* IT is too high. Venison is very lean. I'd go no higher than 140*. Its going to climb several degrees when it rests. Smoked lots of roasts, but never a whole hind. Never tried soaking em with buttermilk.
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I've done several over the years usung an old vertical smoker. Use Lipton onion soup mix, several strips of good bacon, wrap tightly in foil, cook 6-8 hours. Open up twist bone and it slides right out leaving a pile of tender meat.
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