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  1. All,

    Happy Saturday! I'm cooking a whole hog next week for a co-worker who is moving to FL. I've been doing a ton of research, both on here and the rest of the interweb, but some of the information seems to contradict other info.

    Here are the specifics:

    -60-80 pound hog, dressed (I'll find out specific size once the twisty tailed beast is butchered)

    -the hog will be skinless and headless, as that is the only way that I could find one (spraying the beast with apple juice/mojo every hour)

    -I'll be cooking it on a large charcoal grill, with coals at the shoulders and hams about 12 inches from the coals

    So my questions are:

    I want to be able to pull the meat, not slice. I take my shoulders up to 190F usually for pulling, but everything I've read says to take the thickest parts of the pig to 170F. Will it pull at this temp? I don't see how...

    I found all sorts of references to grill temps, ranging from 225 - 275F. I do my shoulders at 225F, what's the best temp for a whole hog? (remember this is a skinned pig)

    If I stay on the low end, about 225-235, does the 10 pound/hour rule remain in effect? I'm just trying to get a good wag on when to start the pig so we can have it off the grill around noon, rested for an hour and eating pure deliciousness by 1pm. 

    What finished temperature is the 10 pound/hour rule for and for what grill temp? Let's say the pig comes out to be 60 pounds, dressed. That would mean a 6 hour grill period, but at what grilling temp and what finished pig temp?

    I've been inundating myself with information, so right now my brain is in pig roasting overload. Any other nuggets of info would be helpful, but I've scoured the forums and found answers to most of my questions, barring the ones above.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Leo, morning......   I have no idea how to cook a whole hog without the hide.....  I'm bumping this......    I think I would cut it into thirds.....  Front shoulders, ribs, hind section.......    Have the sections on sheet pans to prevent the fat from flaring up and burning the pig.....  Use a baster to remove the fat from the sheet pans and SAVE IT for making a finishing sauce for the pig...

    Someone must have cooked a pig like this......    jump in here.....
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    Cowgirl does her pigs skinless... Do a google search on Cowgirls Country Life.. she has a blog about how she cooks hers.. 
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I intend to sandwich the pig in a rack for easy flipping. I think I'll cover the middle with foil so that it doesn't cook as quickly or dry out. 

    The dressed hog came out to 87 pound...larger then I anticipated, but hopefully I can work with it...just need to get it started earlier than I had planned. I'm going to take the ham and shoulders up to 180F, then let it rest for 45 mins to an hour.

    I'm also going to place a piece of heavy duty foil on the grill to reflect the direct heat and reduce flare-ups.

    I will have a thermometer monitor grill temp, one in a ham and one in the shoulder.

    I haven't decided if and how often that I'll be basting it with mojo/apple juice. 

    I'll take any other advice, as long as it's free!!
  5. webowabo

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    Some sort of heat shield is one thing ill do next time. My bottom dried out to much.. belly and ribs are pretty much doggie treats. I did have it butterflied and cooked belly side down the whole time...
  6. I plan on flipping the pig periodically, hopefully it'll keep it from drying out. Plus I'm keeping the ribs in place to help protect the loins. I'll probably just wrap the oinker's mid-section the whole way around with foil. It won't get that much smoke, but as long as the butts and ham get some smoke, then all is well. 
  7. So the pig came out great after a 10 hour cook time. The hams were brought up to 160 and sliced. The shoulders were brought to 180 and pulled...best of both worlds. I didn't think it turned out too shabby for my first whole hog. Thanks for all the help, forum.

  8. daveomak

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    Good looking pig Leo.....   Nice job......      [​IMG]  ......


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