Whole Chicken - Brining (updated w Qviews)

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    Second brining attempt (first one I'm guessing I brined for too long, because it was WAY too salty...I cut back on the salt this time and won't brine for quite as long).  I will take it out of the brine this afternoon and then just leave in fridge until tomorrow morning.  I haven't done a whole chicken (just quarters) in the smoker.

    I have a MES and would prefer more "smoke" flavor and less rub/seasonings for flavor.  I'm looking for suggestions on mild seasonings and wood to use....floor is open until in about 5:00 tomorrow morning! 

    Follow ups to be posted tomorrow.

    (My pork loin is not in the brine, I just used it to prop the bag up higher in the bowl so more of the liquid would be around the chicken)

    Brine:  I used tenderquick, but cut down on what I'd read online to do (again - first experience left my brining scared - food was way too salty).  I brined for about 6 hours, whole chickens with tenderquick and some pepper mixture (normally used to make dips).


    I've started taking pics of the spices, that way I can trace back my steps!


    Was afraid I'd overdone them, they almost fell apart when I pulled them out (was at church for 2 hours)  Temp was 174.


    Can't tell from the picture - but the meat was a beautiful PINK color and was so moist - I'm a brining convert!

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