Who here has a Char-Griller AKORN Auto Kamado?

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Mar 5, 2019
it does look like an amazingly efficient and super insulated grill. in the videos that i watched the auto temp control with the fan looked to work well too
The auto Akorn is basically an IVC with a factory ATC. Extremely efficient. Doesn't put on a strong smoke flavor unless you let the wood smolder though. I've found that handfuls of wood chips give a better flavor than chunks for this reason.


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Mar 14, 2021
I ordered one from Home Depot and not all the screws on the hinge holding top to body would work. I emailed Char-griller as they refuse to take phone calls. It took over a week for a new body to arrive, again 3 out of 4 screws would go in but the 4th would not turn in the threads, they were placed badly.

i wrote them again, 3 days later they responded they don’t want to help me unless i video tape myself trying to screw it together!

so i called Home Depot, they sent UPS to pick it up and refunded my money….

BUT i then bought another from Walmart on sale for $224!! A Char-Griller Auto-Kamado at half price! They delivered it the next day, it was packed much better and everything went together PERFECTLY.

ONE thing about it i do not like, the wifi will not work with newer routers, only older ones and bluetooth doesn’t reach from my yard to living room.

i love this grill. But don’t count on their customer service and don’t pay $498!! Walmart has them half price! At $224 it’s a steal.

I've noticed that like 5 of my devices only work on 2.4ghz wifi band. There aren't any routers out there that don't have both 2.4/5ghz channels. Thought I'd mention this for anyone that isn't tech savvy who reads your post. This grill's wifi will work with any router out there. My Masterbuilt 560 only operates on 2.4, but 2.4 has longer range and deals with walls better so it's a better option over 5 for devices like these anyways.


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Aug 25, 2021
I was having issue with my WIFI not connecting and the smoker not remembering the credentials. I spoke with customer service and they sent me a new controller. The new controller is working great, it reconnects automatically.


Sep 26, 2022
Not using an Acorn but loaded up my KJCII this past Sunday at 7:00AM for a 225 cook & by Monday morning 11:00 AM I took out the food & opened up the air flow half way to burn things off. By 6:00 PM the cooker was still holding 400 degrees. I'm sure if I wanted to hold 225 it would have went until Tuesday morning so it's not an abnormality.
Well considering it’s not fragile ceramic and cost me only $244 it seems pretty wild to me.


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Oct 24, 2017
There is a guy I follow on tik tok, Walter Johnston. He has alot of great content (not sure if he is on other platforms). He has an AK and seems to do alot of cooks on it. I have the regular akorn and it's been great. 6 years old no issues.

Here is a link to his page

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