Which seasoning for Jalepeno and cheese sausage?

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Original poster
Dec 21, 2013
South MS
I was wondering if y'all use the same seasoning blend on your Jal. & cheese smoked sausage as your regular smoked sausage, or if you use a completely different blend? I am fixing to order several different blends to try and was just curious as to what you sausage pros use. Thanks in advance
I buy a german and a smokie mix and mix them 50/50. I use 2 lbs of white american chesse and 16 oz of rinsed tamed jalapeno for 10lbs of meat. turn out wonderful. good luck.
PLEASE post the Brat recipe ... never too many recipes for me !!!!!

thanks  :0)
Jalapeno Cheddar Brat. 4lbs Pork shoulder (cubed), 2T kosher salt, 1t white pepper, 2t ginger powder, 11/2 t nutmeg, 1/4c non fat powder milk, 2 eggs beaten, 1c cold cream, 1c sm dice jalapeno with rib and seeds. 2c age white cheddar (sm dice). I course grind my pork add the spice's mix it by hand a bit then grind through sm die. Then I throw it in the mixer and slowly add the cream and eggs. ill add some ice water if needed. Once it's good and sticky ill add the Jalapeno and cheese. I like to stuff in hog casing's. I usually end up with a 5 or 6lb pork butt so I'll just go heavy on my Tablespoon and teaspoons. I do also use instacure #1 as well for when I smoke these. but they're good fresh on the grill too if You're not using a cure. Hope You like it. All of my people do haha
Sounds good, gonna give that a try too! Thanks for the info guys. I'm gonna try an A.C.Legg jalepeno blend on some deer sausage. I will post up pics and review when I get it done.
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