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bryon knapp

Original poster
Jan 6, 2017
Hi all . I am brand new to smoking . I purchased an MES 30" ( base model , black with digital control). I know that cold smoking is in my future, but I am unsure of which cold smoke generator to get... I really like the portability of the AMNS/ AMNPS) but i know that Masterbuilt also makes a smoke gen specific to their smokers.  other than not needing another outlet....are there major pros/cons?
I have both & they both work.

I like the AMNPS better, because it gives off a better quality smoke for a longer time.

The only advantage the MB model gives is it will run on wood chips.

The other problem with the MB is it produces a lot of creosote, so you really need to separate it from the smoker with a length of pipe.

Here is my setup.

Hope this helps!

Thanks smokin.... thats quite the setup!  I think i am going to go with the AMNPS...ill wait a bit and see if i get more ideas. but I like not needing more power, and it looks like a bit of a pain with the pipe and all...especially the creosote! whats the fan for?
AMNPS for sure. The funny thing is I have all the chips I want at my disposal at little or no cost to me. I choose to go with pellets. The pellet tray works better, for more continuous and reliable thin blue smoke and most importantly- overnight smokes. You can cold smoke with it smoldering directly in your MES, and can easily add the mailbox mod like Al anytime for cheap. That just cools the smoke before it enters the smoke chamber of the MES so it does not condense and creosote does not build up there.
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