Which electric smoker?

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Aug 16, 2007
Monroe, WA
Got an AMNS coming next week. Intend on primarily cold smoking with it. My beloved says that I can go look at a new smoker tomorrow in exchange for taking her to the 8th level of Hell (aka WalMart). I had intended on cold smoking with the AMNS in a cardboard box setup. After reading some other threads here though I might branch out a bit farther into sausages as well.

The MES seems to be the way to go. But which one?


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I use a sausage recipe book (Charcuterie) that uses recipes with 5 pounds of meat.

5 pounds of stuffed sausage fits nicely in my MES 30, which I got from Amazon for $169 delivered.

I requested the latest model and got it when I bought it.

Reading the reviews I saw that it may have an easily fixed issue with the wiring connectors at the element.

Lots of info on the repair here. I am kinda handy so it is not a big deal for me.

It works great for me and it doesn't bother me to cut racks of ribs in half to make them fit. Doing 3 racks today.

A great smoker at a great price!

  Have a great day!

I’m a little partial toward Cookshack.

They’re American made by an American company.

They stand behind their smokers and their customer service is second to none.

If you should need customer service you get a real person in the USA that you can understand who has used the smoker and understands what you are talking about.
The CookShack product look interesting. Especially at the commerical level. They seem to be about the same price levels as the BGEs.

Went out looking today at several stores and there was not a single electric smoker in sight anywhere.
I have a MES30, and have liked it for more than four years.  Although it has had problems (connections to heating coil burning out, controller went bad after four years),  if this one died completely beyond repair, I would get another MES -- probably a 40 inch model.
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