Where to get jumbo dino beef ribs?

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CPB sells then like that sometimes. Delicious
Yep but they trim the tomahawk portion of the bone off

Anytime you see kalbi style ribs or cross cut short ribs in a store odds are they have whole plates in the back
Thanks for all the recommendations.

I found some at the Flying B Bar Ranch in Strasburg, Colorado. Completely 100% grass fed.

They ran me $91 for 12 pounds with a 10% discount.

Not sure where your re at in CO…. But check out Edward’s Meats In Wheat Ridge. Great place, seem to have it all and real nice folks.
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Yep but they trim the tomahawk portion of the bone off

We have Meaty Back Ribs readily available, and those meaty back ribs are a product from turning an export rib (bone-in ribloin) into a lip-on ribloin (boneless rib loin) so they don't come from a Tomahawk rib (as that is made from a 103 Cap-Off Rib section). We do also carry bone-in chuck short ribs, but those are in 3 bone segments versus the 4 bone sections that come from the plate short ribs. I hope this information helps!
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Costco had them last time I was down the hill. If you Costco doesn’t have them out, ask the butcher. I’ve asked them for more briskets to choose from before and he brought out a whole box for me to choose from.

Check with Edward’s too. in a different town, the butcher I used occasionally had gorgeous beef ribs.
Restaurant Depot may have some too. They should give you a Day pass to shop once. Or try Lombardi Brothers meats. Not sure if they sell to the public but if you call them they could tell you the retail shops they supply to in Denver area.
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