Where to buy Morton's Tender Quick and size

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Man we buy it here off the shelf of the grocery store. I think its some where around 3 bucks for a 2 pound bag. I'll check next time i'm at the store
older thread but what the heck...

For any cure especially if it is Tenderquick...you dont shake it off...you rub all the mixture on and leave it.  For slab bacon we lather it on and have excess in the tub....it sits in a bed of this spice and cure mix...covered in it. get rotated every couple of days for a 7 to 10 day cure.  if you shake it off you are not curing it.  and I would be worried about the health affects of not properly curing your meat.

the only difference between sugar cure and regular TQ cure is sugar cure has spices already added.  If you add your own spice blend then just buy regular tQ.

great topic...cured meats.
Nesco and High Mountain have a cure package for their jerky mixes in their packs. Both use Tenderquick.  Here in Minnesota tenderquick is fairly easy to get in the 2 pound packs for around 4 bucks. Reinhard

     Thanks for the info. I'm new to curing and smoking. Didn't know sugar cure had spices in it. but I have not bought any to read the back label either.
YOu do realize propylene glycol is Antifreeze, right. That sounds a bit more scary!
Ethylene glycol is poisonous. Propylene glycol is considered a "non-toxic antifreeze" because it is far less toxic than ethylene glycol. It is allowed by the FDA to be added to several processed foods including ice cream, frozen custards, salad dressings and baked goods.

All those delicious processed foods can't be that scary, right?! I love ice cream and baked goods!!
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