Where in NC are you hailing from?

Discussion in 'North Carolina Members' started by solaryellow, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. I'm in Clemmons.  I could probably see the smoke plume from your cooker on a clear day.  [​IMG]
  2. solaryellow

    solaryellow Limited Mod Group Lead

    You probably can. I technically live across the Yadkin River from you. [​IMG]
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  3. Welcome Clara.  It's always nice to meet a neighbor.  I'm about 10 miles north of Asheville.  Happy smoking. 
  4. High Point checking in.  Ametuer at smoking and enjoying every minute of it.
  5. Hello NC

    I hail from Kannapolis, just a stones throw over in Rowan County from Concord. I work in Salisbury and play all over the Carolina's. God's Country.

    I like to cook and play with fire, so I do my cooking outside.

    Grilling, Smoking, Low n Slow and Dutch Ovens. Enjoy cooking contraptions like cardboard box ovens and pie irons, etc.

    I am the current director for the Southeast Camper Dutch Oven Group, an International Dutch Oven Society Chapter for the Charlotte, NC area.

  6. Welcome Dan.  I've been in your area many times, back when I worked for a living.  I'm looking forward to you sharing some of your dutch oven recipes . . . with Q-views of course.

    Ron, Barnardsville, NC
  7. dlr1

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    I just found this thread, I'm in Charlotte just outside of Matthews.
  8. sdiver40

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Lots of great info and folks found here.

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  9. Gastonia here. Thanks for the invite.
  10. hdflame

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    OK, I just stumbled across this group by accident!  I saw a post that alelover made and followed his link over here.

    I'm in Sanford, about 35 miles SW of Raleigh.  Right where #1, 15-501, and 421 all intersect!  Lee County is the geographical center of NC.

    I wish  I could make it to the get together ya'll have planned, but I already have plans!  Maybe we can plan another for the Fall!??

  11. I just joined the forums. I'm between Ron (redclaymud) and Clara. Waynesville/Maggie Valley area.

  12. hi bobby,do you by chance know any bright's( dallas or anthony)  that lives in the sanford area??

    charles t.  
  13. A good friend of mine lives in Clemmons.
  14. I'm in Gastonia which is just west of Charlotte. Great to see all the NC faces
  15. Checking in from Goldsboro.  Can't make it to the NC smoke bash, maybe next time.  
  16. Newbie here in Burlington, NC
  17. wingrider

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    Hi all - I live in Northeast Raleigh, not too far from Triangle Town Mall.

    Due to several other hobbies, past and current, I can picture where a lot of you say you live. My first love is riding a motorcycle. I bought a Goldwing in 2005, and put over 100,000 miles on it over the next 4 years. My daughter went to App State, and ended up with a Suzuki V-Strom. So we rode just about every mountain road there was between say Mt. Mitchell, and southern Virginia and eastern Tennessee in the Hampton/Elizabeth City area. Branched out of course along the whole BRP, and down to Fontana, etc., but the northern area is what we new best. Also have a friend that lives near Dupont Forest just outside Brevard, so have ridden that area some.

    I'm pretty familiar also with the Wilkesboro and Statesville areas as I follow live Blue Grass and have many musician friends in that area. Amazing the talent that resides there. I had the sad privilege recently to be at the funeral for Doc Watson.

    To those of you on Hwy 73, I know the area because we used to dress in garb and go to the NC RenFaire every year. The last hobby, pipe smoking, brings me to Charlotte occasionally as there is a great pipe store there - McCranies.

    I've ridden the bike in every county in NC, as well as going to Goldwing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) chapter meetings all over the state. So it's fun to hear where you all are from.

    Well, that's a bit about me. Look forward to maybe meeting many of you down the road.


    PS: Oh yeah, the bike pictured in my avatar is my daughter's V-strom. She lives in Japan, so she has loaned me the bike until she gets back to the states. So why ride it? Well, I crashed my beloved Wing in that last big sweeping right hand curve coming down Black Mountain on I-40 just before you get to Old Fort. Went into the concrete dividing wall at ~70 mph. My thanks to the fine staff at Mission Hospital in Asheville for a wonderful stay, and a great view of Mt Pisgah.
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  18. Im in Wilmington on the southeastern coast
  19. themaytagman

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    New smoker here, Carolina Beach NC
  20. wjordan52

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    Welcome CapeFearDan and themaytag man! Good to have you guys aboard.

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