What's your occupation?

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    Originally worked in medical research for a few years then moved into IT and networking. Designed and managed networks for large multinationals including AT&T and C&W. For the past 10 years I have been IT Services manager for a private school for girls in Kent in the UK. I now have an eye on retirement in 2015 and so am looking to see what opportunities there are for turning what is essentially a BBQ/Smoking hobby into a small income producing business when I "retire".
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  2. retired fire fighter, 23 years is long enough, dabbled in paper industry, left do to health reasons
  3. I work as a Firefighter|EMT both on the truck and in a management role for 15 years. They say if you ever find a job your truly love, you have it made. Guess I have it made looking at it from that view point. [​IMG]
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    No real good title for my job. They used to call it a Network Administrator, even through the primary responsibility was managing servers (large/powerful computers, not mainframe). I manage a team of 3 other techs and work as what is now titled a senior level "system administrator". My employer is not real large, around 150 employees. I and my team are responsible for all desktop/laptop computer support, server support, storage, network (wired/wireless), backup/disaster recovery, and network security.

    TL/DR: I work on computers and everything that attaches to them large and small.
  5. I am retired from working as an auto parts salesman in the Automotive Recycling Industry for 35 years.
  6. I am the owner of a Manufacturing Company in Minneapolis. We manufacture over 150 specialty moving products used in schools, churches, offices and industry. We also design and manufacture custom OEM products for companies......Our products work hard so your back doesn't have to.....[​IMG].........A link to our web site is below so you can take a look....[​IMG]

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    I was in the beer business for 39 years retired at the end of 20012 Great fun business to be in. Meet a lot of people and have a few Buds while your doing it.
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  8. I am an Assistant Fire Chief in Florida.  I retired from the Air Force as a E-7 firefighter and was lucky to find a job for a civilian fire department to start my second career.  I just hit my 30 year mark as a firefighter and am only 46yrs old.  Been lucky to have found a calling so early in life and stuck with it
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    Journeyman Electrician for 20 years and a volunteer Fireman also for 20 years in the great state of Idaho

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  10. You know the song from Rod Stewart ?

    "Some Guys Have All The Luck"

  11. Utility worker (natural gas). I turn on/off gas, investigate leaks, light gas appliances, assist fire departments, install/replace meters, respond to explosions and fires, respond to outages, assist customers, sit on my ass for long periods of time. I love my job.
    I've seen a few firefighters in this thread. I have to ask: What is it about hitting that air-horn to scare the shit out of me, on nearly EVERY STOP THAT I AM ON WITH YOU ALL. I can understand that amusement may be few and far between for you guys but GD, it never fails. My service territory encompasses several fire districts and this is one common theme:

    "PSST...Hey, quick, jump in and blow the horn. He's checking for leaks."


    *fall on my ass*

    *laughs all around from entire department (incl. the chief)*
  12. Something like this Mandible ?

    Translation : silly jokes at the bomb squad


    Sorry , off topic.
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    I have 2 jobs, one is a bar/restaurant and the other bbq food truck
  14. Crime Fighter
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    Pharmacist in Spokane, WA. 10+ years.
  16. Im disabled. Epilepsy/seizures and cant walk. I went in for surgery on my knee and they ffffed it up so bad that i cant walk. And have had epilepsy/seizures since i was 4 years old.
  17. I've been working in the design side of wireless telecom (your cell phone service...) since 1995 until recently.  I've been doing construction management, installing AT&T LTE equipment since April of this year.
  18. I was in snow removaI, ice control for 15 year, and a concrete pipe plant super for 18 years, now disabled, copd, I thank God that wise investments were made! control
  19. I have to admit...I'm guilty as most. It is to see the persons reaction and that's my only reason as other guys at my station.
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    Huge variety of occupations in here. I see a lot of retired or nearly so. Makes me wonder what I'll be tinkering in when I get to that part of my life.

    I'm a freelance graphic designer, living in Uruguay.

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